Death Row Pets

 Channel 9, the Sunday Show; Reporter: Kirstine Lumb, June 15, 2008

Each year, Australia wide, around a quarter of a million dogs and cats are killed.
The companion animal industry is flooded with unwanted dogs and cats and animal pounds can not afford to keep them all..

Clover Moore, Independent state MP and Lord Mayor of Sydney, has launched a controversial new bill into the NSW Parliament which she hopes will stem this growing death toll.

It has the pet industry divided.

If her Animals Regulation of Sale bill is passed, dogs and cats will no longer be able to be sold in pet shops, on the internet or in newspapers. Those in support of the bill claim this will cut down on the amount of impulse purchases that often result in unwanted and abandoned animals, as well as cutting off sale avenues to un-registered back yard breeders.

However the Australian Veterinary Association and the Pet Industry Association are two of a number of groups that are heavily lobbying the government to oppose the bill.

They claim it will make no difference to shelter admissions or euthanasia rates and will push un-regulated back yard breeders further underground.

While both sides of the debate bicker, some of those who are benefiting from our love-affair with animals are being accused of appalling cruelty. Animal Liberation and many animal welfare groups say some breeders have set up puppy mills or puppy farms.

They allege that some of these factory farms are stocked with animals that are continually bred for profit with the female dogs keep pregnant till they can no longer breed.

Sunday visits a puppy farm to talk to the owners and see how the dogs are treated.

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