Cat Haven prepares for influx of unwanted kittens

MANDURAH has been identified as WA’s worst area for cat dumping, as the first unwanted kittens of the breeding season begin arriving at the Cat Haven.

Hundreds of unwanted kittens were put down during the last Christmas breeding season and Haven operations manager Roz Robinson said staff at the shelter were preparing for another busy and traumatic summer.

During December 2008 and January this year, 59 cats or kittens were abandoned in Mandurah – the highest number in WA.  Maylands, Belmont and Hamilton Hill also rated among the worst suburbs for cat dumping.

“After the peak cat breeding season, kittens start to filter in around about now. In December and January last Christmas the haven received around 1000 cats each month,” Ms Robinson said.

“As we can only provide a shelter for 120 cats at a time and only arrange fostering for a few, there is nowhere for the surplus to go, so you can imagine the shocking euthanasia figures. Some days our vets were having to euthanise close to 100 cats and kittens.

“This is not only a waste of healthy young lives, it’s a completely stressful time for staff at the haven and appalling to anyone passionate about animal welfare.”

Ms Robinson said the public could play a crucial role in minimising the number of unwanted pets this Christmas.

“There are ways that the people of Perth can help us save these animals starting right now,” she said.

“Firstly, if you purchase a kitten make sure you sterilise it by the time it reaches five months old.

“Cats breed from five months of age so by sterilising we can break the breeding cycle and decrease the unwanted cat population.

“It’s also important to understand your responsibilities as a pet owner.

“Cats are a 20 year commitment and are not disposable commodities. They cost around $20 a week to keep, then there’s sterilisation, unanticipated vet bills, boarding costs if you go on holidays and land lords permission if you live in a rental property.

“Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can drop your unwanted pet off at Cat Haven and it will find a home, more often than not they don’t.”

Ms Robinson urged the public to buy their pets from Cat Haven or other animal shelters where the cats are health checked and sterilisation is included in the price.

WA worst suburbs for kitten dumping .1. Mandurah (59)

2. Maylands (37)

3. Belmont  (33)

4. Hamilton Hill (32)

5. Rockingham (29)

6. Langford  (24)

. Spearwood (22)

8. Bayswater  (22)

9. Baldivis  (21)

10. Carlisle (20)



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One response to “Cat Haven prepares for influx of unwanted kittens

  1. companionanimalnews

    Some reader comments:
    “Selling kittens and puppies in pet shops should be illegal! There are 2 pet shops in Mandurah which sell them and the shop owners are just interested in profit, they dont welfare check, educate or offer sterilisation deals to potential owners, they just take the cash! It encourages impulse buying and is probably a huge part of the problem!” Lisa

    “They need to implement a law where only licensed breeders can breed animals for domestic pets, anyone who is not a licensed breeder and owns a domestic pet MUST have them sterilised before they reach breeding age or be fined if found guilty of not doing so. That would take care of a lot of issues in regards to unwanted pregnancies in animals leading to dumped pets, also anyone found dumping/ neglecting an animal should be jailed, or be prosecuted on the same terms as if they were dumping/ neglecting a human child.” Matt

    “The Cat problem in Mandurah is woeful, Not only are people dumping unwated pets in and around the Mandurah areas the problem lies with Cat owners not getting animlas desexed they then allowing them to roam around night and day. The council refuse to do anything about cats “stating that they will only hire out cat traps” I for one am sick and tired of my place being a local hang out for other peoples pets, fighting at all hours of the night, chasing wildlife, and pretty much just being a public nuisance, Its time the Mandurah City Council step up and get this under control.” Johnsy
    “Not a big surprise to see all the bogan suburbs leading the pack for kitten dumpings. I guess it’s hard to look after an animal and be responsible when you’re dole bludging in a Homeswest property. I know who needs to be put down and it’s not the cats.”Scholsey

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