RSPCA is devoted to animals big and small

Susanna Freymark | Northern Star, 2nd October 2009

ON THE day The Northern Star met RSPCA regional inspector Alistair Hills he was taking two abandoned dogs and six scrawny puppies to the pound.

RSPCA Awareness Week, October 1-8, aims to highlight the work of men like Mr Hills and the RSPCA inspectorate.

Yesterday Mr Hills investigated cattle reported in poor condition, checked out a horse with a ‘sway’ or saddle back, and advised a film crew at Tweed Heads on the best way to treat animals during filming.

Then he brought the abandoned dogs to be locked up. The male dog was microchipped but the owner information included a phone number that had been disconnected.

Mr Hills said the job he does was all about the animals.

“Animals can’t dial the phone and ring us,” he said and he urged the community to call the RSPCA to talk about any concerns regarding cruelty and neglect of animals.

“Ownership is a privilege, not a right,” he said.

Fellow RSPCA regional inspector Andrew Kelly helped settle the dogs into their temporary home.

“You’ve got to be good at dealing with animals and people,” Mr Kelly said about being an RSPCA inspector

Chief executive of RSPCA NSW, Steve Coleman, wanted the community to recognise not only the importance of animals in our lives but the vital need for an organisation like the RSPCA and its inspectors.

“The RSPCA NSW inspectors really are the unsung heroes of our organisation, and more broadly the entire country,” he said.

RSPCA is not funded by the Government and any donations can be made to the Sydney office on 9770 7585 or through the Tweed Office on (07) 5536 5135.

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  1. deathrowpets

    Hey Steve – never miss a trick to ask for more money!…..But when are you planning on becoming a No Kill organisation???

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