De-Sex in the City!

Media Release, RSPCA Tasmania / AWL Queensland Friday, October 23, 200RSPCA Tasmania has formed a new alliance with the Animal Welfare League in Queensland to provide free de-sexing service for cats, at this time between November 1 and January 1 at the RSPCA’s animal shelter and vet clinic at Mornington.




The AWL will be providing veterinarians to staff the service, as well as necessary drugs and microchipping. The alliance has come about through the generosity of Jan Cameron, whose commitment to the welfare of all animals is widely known.

New Acting President, Suzanne Cass, and Acting Vice President Nigel Burch, along with the rest of the Tasmanian RSPCA board, have welcomed the initiative with open arms, declaring that this is a vital service to help cut the unacceptable euthanasia rates of companion animals in the state.

‘The new board of the society is absolutely delighted with this project, which will also provide microchipping and other services to RSPCA animals’, said Ms Cass. ‘We especially welcome the involvement of Ms Cameron, and we thank her sincerely for this great contribution to the services RSPCA Tasmania is able to offer to Tasmanian animals’.

The new board of the RSPCA is putting the past behind it, and welcomes any initiatives that will improve the services if can deliver to Tasmanian animals, and restore public confidence in the Society. Mr Burch highlighted the fact that providing free, or affordable veterinary services will make pet adoptions easier for people on low incomes who cannot currently afford them.

‘There are plenty of people on low incomes across the state who would love to adopt a pet and could provide a great home, but are unable to take on what could be a large financial commitment’, he said. ‘to be able to help with de-sexing and microchipping eliminates some of those hurdles and lead to less ‘unwanted’ or dumped animals’.

For people who bring their animals to the clinic, membership of the society will be offered for a gold coin donation.

Ms Cameron and Ms Cass will be at the Mornington Vet Clinic and Shelter to provide further information on the project on Monday afternoon at 3.00p.m.

For further information, please contact Suzanne Cass on 0420 988221


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