Full monty to aid greyhound charity

Manly Daily, Rebecca Woolley, 7th Nov 2009

TABLE-TOP dancers will be stripping to help the plight of surrendered greyhounds at a Sydney gentleman’s club, after the owners of a Killarney Heights rescue service feared it may have to close down due to lack of funds.

Janet and Peter Flann, who run Greyhound Rescue, contacted the club, Pure Platinum, after reading a story in The Manly Daily about a similar offer made to Monika Biernacki’s Doggie Rescue at Ingleside.

While Ms Biernacki turned down Pure Platinum’s proposal in May, the Flanns said they were happy to take it up on the offer.

The couple, who are both retired and in their late-60s, run the greyhound rescue operation from their home but said they may have to close down next year unless donations picked up. “The outgoings are far greater than the incomings. Our reserves have almost run dry.”

They have rescued 22 greyhounds from death row since March and last year spent between $20,000 and $30,000 on running the service including vet bills, kennel fees and getting each dog ready to be fostered out.

Rob Batchelor, who runs Pure Platinum, said a percentage of the door takings, from a November 19 performance, would go towards Greyhound Rescue.

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