Hornsby feral and stray pets face instant death

Hornsby Advocate, Julie Huffer, 11 November 2009

CATS and dogs that stray within Hornsby Shire will no longer be housed locally, but taken to a pound at Carlton under a plan recommended by council officers.

Under the suggested procedures, animals without identification, subject to multiple offences or seized after an attack will be transported to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home near Kogarah.

The news comes after feral cats and wandering pet cats featured in a series of Advocate reports in July.

The stories were sparked by a letter from a Hornsby Heights resident to their neighbours, threatening to trap and kill cats that were found on the letter writer’s property.

Under the plan presented to the council meeting last night, cats identified by vets as feral would be destroyed without the usual requirement of impounding them for seven days.

The recommendations are in a report to council on the outcome of expressions of interest for a companion animal pound.

Council has for many years used Thornleigh Veterinary Hospital as its impounding facility, but the service did not tender when expressions of interest were called in August for a pound, approved holding facility and pick-up and delivery service.

Responses were received from Sydney Dogs and Cats Home, NSW Animal Rescue and Kempsey Park Partnership and council officers have recommended a three-month trial of the Cats and Dogs Home.

The report, by executive manager of environment Robert Stephens, recommends, wherever possible, taking advantage of opportunities for animals to be held at a local vet for a short time while waiting to be returned home by an officer or picked up by an agent.

And a number of local vets have indicated their are willing to take part in this scheme.

The report states feral cats are a continuing problem in Hornsby Shire and are extremely difficult to house and handle.

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One response to “Hornsby feral and stray pets face instant death

  1. companionanimalnews

    reader comment:

    Council staff will spends hours each time they take a stray dog or cat all the way out to Carlton. What a waste of time away from the needs of the local areas and of money paying staff to sit in vehicles for hours on end.What about the owners who have to travel such a long distance to reclaim their pets?

    In addition, on investigating this pound (SDCH), it doesn’t impress me greatly.It has a very low rehoming rate for cats and only fair for dogs.The rest are put down.The facility is very small,overcrowded, and services 10 other council areas.Dogs are locked in the dark for over 20 hours a day in small cages.
    Is this what we want for the animals from our area?
    I think we can do better.

    Daphne Gardner

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