Puppy farm opens its doors

Gippsland Times, ELEANOR VENABLES, 12 Nov 2009,

IT’S been a difficult year for the Hams family.

Owners of one of Australia’s prominent dog breeding farms, Banksia Park Puppies, Colin Hams and son Matthew came under fire last June from Animal Liberation Victoria, who accused the Hams of animal cruelty and neglect.

The conflict came to a head when animal rights activist Debra Tranter entered the Stradbroke property during the night and Matthew Hams suffered injuries to his spine and ribcage after, the Hams allege, he was hit by Ms Tranter’s car. The drama also caused his father Colin to suffer a minor heart attack.

Ms Tranter faced Sale Magistrates Court this January on charges of assault with a weapon, reckless conduct endangering life and reckless conduct causing injury.

The charges were dismissed as the Magistrate ruled it was impossible to tell if Matthew Hams was in front of her car, or if she deliberately drove into him.

What continued from that June night was a war of words, as ALV launched an unyielding attack against the farm – formerly known as ACA Breeders Kennels – over the internet and through the media, with reports appearing in the Herald Sun, accusing the kennels of animal cruelty, of treating animals as property and contributing to the rising number of dogs ending up in shelters.

“I was an emotional wreck there for a while,” Colin said. “I was very affected by it all.

“For 20 years I’ve been in this business and then we have people coming here deliberately trying to flatten our reputation.

“But it’s made us rise to the occasion. We’re determined to fight for our reputation.”

Banksia Park Puppies will host an open day on Sunday from 10am to 3pm, where community members will be given tours through the premises, and will get to interact with the dogs.

Banksia Park is located on the South Gippsland Highway between Longford and Stradbroke.

For more information regarding the open day, phone Matt Hams on 0427 021 010 or Malcom Rolton on 0427 319 019.

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One response to “Puppy farm opens its doors

  1. companionanimalnews

    Here are some Gippsland Times reader comments:

    WOW this is pathetic biased journalism at its best. What about readers who would like to hear both sides of the story ? Not just read this PR crap for a puppy farm.
    Posted by Samantha, 12/11/2009

    erhaps there is very good reason for this PR campaign. They have a lot to hide!
    Posted by Jay, 12/11/2009

    I simply don’t understand how anyone can argue that contributing to the pet trade can be in anyway a good thing. There is no debate, every puppy farm and pet shop should be closed down.
    Posted by Frustrated, 14/11/2009

    The Hams are contributing to the horrific numbers of healthy dogs killed each year in Victoria due to overbreeding. FACT: there are not enough loving homes for the amount of puppies bred! People will desperately try to protect their $$$ from those who want the public to know the truth. Since photos of this puppy factory were published the Hams have changed their name from ACA to Banksia Park and made structural alterations. Despite this they continue to ignore all Animal Welfare advice. The RSPCA is strongly opposed to Puppy Farming – http://www.rspcavic.org/campaigns _news/campaigns_puppy_farming.htm -they want these places CLOSED DOWN.
    Posted by Jo, 14/11/2009

    Here we have the typical puppy farmer hiding behind a facade. What about the difficult year that all the dogs used as prisoners in puppy farms have? How about the dogs at the back of your property Colin? The dogs that are cast away to die once they have finished lactating and their litter of pups are sold to the pet shops? What about the electric fencing surrounding the dogs pens and when they try to dig their way out, get a frightful zap? Have you removed the fencing yet? You are a disgrace to Australia and all the reputable breeders who care about the health and character of their breed. What a favour the Wellington Shire would do for the dogs of ACA Breeders (now Banksia Park Puppies) if just for once, they demonstrate compliancy and request Colin Hams to remove all the illegal fencing around the pens, or even better revoke the Hams permit to breed again. Laws need changing in that more jurisdictions must be given to animal welfare organizations such as the RSPCA and not just the local municipalities of this State.
    Posted by Julie-Anne, 14/11/2009

    I attended this open day on Sunday and I was shocked! All the staff were very keen to tell us how great Banskia Park is, bombarding us with information about how often they clean the ‘nursery’ sheds etc etc. But what we saw were heaps of unhappy-looking mother dogs in the small inside pens and then more and more dogs in sandy outside areas; some of which were lacking in shade. And there were areas where we wern’t allowed to go… I worry about these dogs.
    Posted by David , 16/11/2009

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