Animal rights zeolots to storm Lost Dogs Home

THE HERALD SUN , Kelly Ryan-17 NOV 2009

 The Lost Dogs Home has beefed up security after threats by animal rights zealots to storm the shelter.  Managing director Graeme Smith said written threats posted on the internet forum sites made him fear for both the home’s staff and animals.

 Threats follow accusations of unnecessarily high death rates of stray cats and dogs at the Nth Melbourne pound.

“I have been forced to act to protect the safety of all life within our walls,” Dr. Smith said yesterday

 “First and foremost we are an animal pound, second to being and animal shelter, and we have a statutory obligation under our council contracts to protect and reunite, when possible lost and stray animals that come into our care.  For that reason we are using money raised as income through our pound contracts to meet the increased security and not utilizing donated dollars to meet these new extra costs.”

 Dr. Smith, a veterinarian and head of the home for more than two decades, blamed ‘unbalanced’ Sunday news reports for the controversy surrounding the shelter.

“These stories fail to recognize the read work of the home, to educate pet owners, which has led to be increases in the numbers of humans being reunited with their pets through registration and microchipping.”

 Dr. Smith said the Lost Dogs’ Home one of the biggest animal shelters in Australia and lower euthanasia rates than either Sydney or Brisbane and aimed to continue to lower it’s kill rates by 2 percent a year.



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3 responses to “Animal rights zeolots to storm Lost Dogs Home

  1. dachshundrescueandrehoming

    So what has changed since 17 November 2009 at the LDH ? What are the kill rates now ?

  2. cj

    Ha ha!! What a crock!!

    The Lost Dog’s Home just can’t handle the fact that people are deeply annoyed with their rotten business practices and massive kill rates… Incidentally, it’s “zealot”, not “zeolots”.

  3. Lisa J Ryan

    LDH appear to be obsessed with security – back in 2009 and more recently at the 2011 LDH Open Day. Given the “statutory obligation” to “reunite”, one would think that some of the LDH income would/should go towards a website which lists all the missing impounded pets, making it easier for their families to locate them within the 8 day period, rather than on ‘security’.

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