RSPCA Awareness week

Southern Courier, Oct 4

RSPCA Awareness Week kicks off today and animal lovers across the state are urged to join in the festivities and celebrate the many wonderful elements animals bring to our lives. From 1 to 8 October RSPCA NSW is calling on residents across the state to live by the following motto: Protect, Respect, Do Not Neglect. “Awareness Week is the perfect opportunity for animal lovers and the broader community to recognise not only the importance of animals in our lives, but the vital need for our organisation,” said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman. Throughout the week supporters will also have the opportunity to help promote the animal welfare campaigns, events, programs, services and activities of RSPCA NSW – with the focus of these being the „superheroes‟ of the RSPCA Inspectorate. “The RSPCA NSW Inspectors really are the unsung heroes of our organisation, and more broadly the entire country,” said Coleman. “These guys are out on the road every day cleaning up society‟s dirty work and confronting countless cases of animal cruelty and neglect.” The rescue of Scooby the deaf dog who was trapped in a cave for over three days is an example of the Inspectors commitment to animals in need. RSPCA is urging the public to attend the RSPCA Superheroes Ball to be held on October 30 in Sydney. All profits will go toward the purchase of an emergency response vehicle to make rescues like Scooby‟s easier. Tickets are $150 and you can purchase them by calling 9782 4480. For further information about Awareness Week visit

The RSPCA is a charity with objectives to:

Prevent cruelty to animals Amend and develop legislation to protect animals

Provide education and training about the care, protection and treatment of animals

Operate veterinary clinics to care for animals.

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  1. companionanimalnews

    Here are the RSPCA’s impressive figures in “cleaning up society‟s dirty work and confronting countless cases of animal cruelty and neglect.”

    (From 09 annual report:) Cruelty Complaints
    We investigated 14,030 complaints and brought 491 charges against 105 defendents.

    Talk about impressive!105 people!

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