TV station comes to doggies’ rescue

Manley Daily, Rod Bennet, 17 Nov 2009

SHE wants to shift all of her lost and abandoned puppies before Christmas but what about the ones that are left?

It’s fortunate then that Monika Biernacki, of Monika’s Doggie Rescue, has the assistance of New Idea TV and pet food company Purina.

The pay television station yesterday gave Mrs Biernacki and the pooches in her care a left-rear leg up.

The dog supply company and TV show donated $4000 worth of petcare products to the Ingleside dog rescue facility to help the homeless canines.

New Idea TV’s Dr Rachele Lowe surprised Mrs Biernacki with the gifts as part of the story she was doing about the Doggie Rescue facility in the lead-up to Christmas.

“Monika was obviously keen for us to film but had no idea that as well as publicisng the rescue, she will also be getting a wonderful donation,” producer Shani Hatton said.

For her part, Mrs Biernacki was ecstatic about the presentation. “It was an absolute surprise and we’re all thrilled here,” she said.

Mrs Biernacki said the lead-up to Christmas was always busy but also a good time for people to welcome a new family member.

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