Cat uproar ( Animals shot by council staff at Mildura Pound)

Sunraysia Daily; BY CHRIS MCLENNAN, 23 Nov, 2009

A ROW has erupted over the shooting of abandoned cats at Mildura Rural City Council’s animal shelter at Belar Avenue last week.Six cats were shot in a pen by a council by-laws officer to the outrage of the animal welfare community.

The incident, witnessed and made public by a shelter worker, led to a flood of angry emails to Sunraysia Daily on the weekend demanding the practice be stopped and the council officer be sacked.

An angry internet exchange about the “inhuman treatment of animals at Mildura” on the popular dogs website “Dogzonline” also saw the email addresses of individual councillors made public and subject to vitriolic responses from animal lovers.

Mildura Mayor Glenn Milne on the weekend confirmed the shooting had taken place after apparent initial denials from council officers.

Cr Milne said he was confident local laws officers had not contravened any regulations.

“We regret that this has caused concern among the animal welfare community, however this is an accepted method that council can use. There were no malicious intentions by any member of staff.”

 For more of this story, purchase your copy of Monday’s Sunraysia Daily 23/11/2009.

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2 responses to “Cat uproar ( Animals shot by council staff at Mildura Pound)

  1. companionanimalnews

    Kae Norman; Rescued with Love founder: “There are good pounds, and good staff. There are rules in place to protect both worker and animal. But sometimes this goes off the rails and things must be spoken of. If you are horrified at this, then contact the people on the list below. This story hit the front page of the local paper and is being investigated by The Age. It is unacceptable on every level. It must be noted that this pound does actively work with Rescue groups. Thank you.
    Early this week, three council employees went into Mildura Pound, took cats and kittens in their cages to the back of the pound – approximately ten animals – and shot them.
    A pound helper walked in while this was happening at the back of the pound and was in a state of shock. The kittens did not die quickly and there was blood everywhere. This was at a time the vet with whom Mildura pound have a contract was open.
    The Council has since denied this incident occurred.
    If you wish to protest against this inhumane treatment of these animals, please write as a general member of the public to the email addresses below.

    Mark Henderson, Chief Executive Officer

    Councillor Glenn Milne (Mayor):

    Councillor Susan Nichols (Deputy Mayor):

    Councillor John Arnold:

    Councillor Nick Cavallo

    Councillor Mark Eckel

    Councillor Judi Harris

    Councillor Fiona Hilton-Wood –

    Councillor Vernon Knight

    Councillor Max Thorburn

  2. I have emailed my disgust about the inhumane treatment of these animals to the Mildura Rural Council and the Councillors as well.

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