Cat Anger (Cats shot in Council Pound)

Sunraysia Daily; LIZ O’ BRIEN 24 Nov, 2009
VICTORIAN RSPCA president Hugh Wirth has slammed Mildura Rural City Council for its inhumane treatment of animals.Dr Wirth said the RSPCA would formally investigate last week’s shooting of six cats at Mildura Rural City Council’s Belar Avenue animal shelter.

Mildura has become international news after a shelter worker who witnessed the shooting told popular website “Dogzonline” that the cats did not die quickly and “there was blood every where” after a council by-laws officer used a firearm to euthanaise the animals.

The report has caused uproar – both Sunraysia Daily and the dog website have been inundated with emails from people – within and outside of Australia – furious about the incident.

After council officers had denied the incident took place, Mayor Glenn Milne confirmed it had.

 For more of this story, purchase your copy of Tuesday’s Sunraysia Daily 24/11/2009.

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2 responses to “Cat Anger (Cats shot in Council Pound)

  1. I have just come across this website and absolutely appalled by the Mildura Rural City Council for its inhumane treatment of 6 cats. How could a Council shoot animals in such a inhumane way and get away with this? Time for laws to change and hand more jurisdiction over to the animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA. JUST SHAMEFUL!

  2. M Hopton

    I hate what has happened to those cats, I for one will never ring or take an animal to the pound, I have in the past taken groups of children out there to learn about looking after animals, this will nolonger happen. I feel sickened that we the Mildura people employ these people, they should be sacked. Mildura City Council you are now on judgement, if this happens again, Mildura will not stand for it. Ask yourself this What if it was a child that saw this???

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