Court shock at images of puppy hell

Sydney Morning Herald, MATTHEW BENN, Nov 29, 2009

NSW puppy farmer has been banned from owning dogs for 10 years and fined $155,000 after RSPCA inspectors seized 185  malnourished dogs from his home.

Squalid ... one of the dogs.XX

Inspectors were alerted by police concerned about the welfare of almost 200 dogs kept in putrid conditions at the property in Falls Creek in the state’s south.

A number of dead puppies were  found, some of which had been tied together with wire and died of strangulation.

Puppy farmer Dario (David) Baena was ordered to pay more than $155,000 in fines and costs, and banned from owning animals for 10 years after being sentenced on multiple counts of animal cruelty in Nowra Local Court on Friday.

Baena pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated animal cruelty, eight counts of committing an act of animal cruelty, two counts of failing to provide vet treatment, and seven counts each of failing to provide sufficient ventilation and failing to ensure housing was kept clean and hygienic in February.

In May, RSPCA inspectors visited his property again and brought a further 10 charges against him.

Magistrate Doug Dick found Baena guilty in his absence of all 10 charges. While delivering his sentence Mr Dick noted that he “had the unfortunate duty of watching the DVD footage” and that it was his “responsibility to protect animals”.

RSPCA NSW chief inspector David O’Shannessy said: ‘‘It’s a great result following the rescue of these dogs from the appalling conditions they endured in the puppy mill.

‘‘Unfortunately when animals are rescued from these situations, despite the best efforts of the RSPCA, not all animals are able to be rehabilitated. Mr Baena’s 10-year prohibition order provides significant protection to animals that may have otherwise ended up in his care.”

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2 responses to “Court shock at images of puppy hell

  1. companionanimalnews

    “Once again the dangers of an unregulated and therefore unsupervised industry in companion animals is revealed in all its disgusting detail ( Court Shock at images of Puppy Hell SMH Nov 29th ) 185 malnourished dogs living in squalid and cruel conditions, dead puppies strangled with wire. I would like to know who this person was supplying these pups to, the numbers are too high to be individual purchases alone. Clover Moore recently introduced a bill into NSW parliament to try and prevent this sort of abuse from occurring, our esteemed parliamentarians rejected it after intense lobbying from the pet industry. The very industry who insist that this sort of tragic situation never occurs. We currently destroy over 60,000 healthy, happy dogs and cats in this state every year, do we really need to allow unregulated backyard breeders, puppy farms and retail shopping centre outlets to pour more and more animals into what is already a saturated market ?. Ban them all now and put regulations into place to protect these defenceless animals, reintroduce the bill Clover and make all our members of parliament watch the video of these poor dogs before they vote.”

    Stuart C

  2. This is truely a shocking case of unregulated puppy farming. Thank goodness that this man has been caught out. So unfortunate though for all the dogs that did not survive and suffered in this wicked man’s hands. Hopefully the rescued dogs can live better lives now? Thank you Magistrate Doug Dick for making a stand for the Baener dogs and setting an example to the community that puppy mills such as David Baeners are certainly not acceptable or tolerated within our community.

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