Puppy Farming – an expose by ABC Radio National

Hundreds of thousands of puppies are born every year, and many eventually end up in pounds, where most have to be put down. The vicious cycle involves unregulated breeders, pet stores, dog rescuers — and the buyers who take in a puppy without thinking it through, then dump it. Reporter: Hagar Cohen.

To access this excellent  report,  click here…. and then listen to the expose.



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2 responses to “Puppy Farming – an expose by ABC Radio National

  1. Have viewed and the first thought that comes into my mind is “THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC!” Thank goodness for ALV getting this footage out to educate the public on the sad, ugly truths about puppy farms and that the cute little puppies in the pet shops, actually come from such DREADFUL HELLHOLES.

  2. Louise

    THIS IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE and the sanctimonious puppy farmers interviewed on the Background Briefing are major contributors to the shocking problem of overbreeding.

    I visited Banksia Park / ACA puppy farm’s open day and it was so distressing.The rows of timid female dogs with the physical signs of successive breeding (teats swollen and dragging almost to the ground); the many litters of puppies and the disregard for the fact that dogs are social animals so unsuited to being farmed. The isolated barren sandy soiled runs and the taped off areas hiding the electric tape and who knows what other cruelty ?
    (see http://www.govegan.com.au/puppies/ )

    The puppy factory owners blatantly ignore animal welfare so they can justify the use of dogs as profit-making breeding machines.

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