Cat dumping and euthanasia soars to its highest – Cat Haven cannot cope with the amount of pets dumped

Media release, Cat Haven, Perth: 9 Dec 2009: 12 cats of Christmas

In a bid to raise awareness of pet ownership responsibilities, as well as re-home older cats that normally get overlooked at Christmas time, Cat Haven has launched a Christmas campaign.

Media and Communications Coordinator Jessica Reid said that lack of sterilisation combined with lack of commitment to care for a cat and stick by it for the duration of its life would see the dumping of up to 2000 pets at Cat Haven in only two months between December and January.

With limited capacity to hold only 120 cats at a time at Cat Haven and nowhere for the surplus to go Ms Reid said this Christmas time would see the euthanasia of around 85 percent of animals they received that had everything to live for.

“This Christmas we want to send a clear message to the public that pet ownership comes with a range of responsibilities,” she said.

“Pet ownership isn’t for everyone, you need to make sure that you can afford to keep the pet and sterilise it and that you are prepared for a 20 year commitment.

“There’s also the cost of unanticipated vet bills, food, who will look after it when you go on holidays and if you’re living in a rental property if you are allowed to let you keep a cat.”

Ms Reid said that in the twelve days leading up to Christmas, Cat Haven was profiling 12 older cats to give them an extra chance of finding a new home.

“At Christmas it’s always the older pets that miss out, because they are not as cute as the kittens,” she said.

“This Christmas, Cat Haven is profiling twelve older cats which are named in Christmas theme- we have Holly, Rudolf, Twinkle, Sparkle, Santa, Snowflake, Stardust, Elfie, Jingles, Bell, Tinsel and The Grinch all looking for loving homes.”

Ms Reid said this Christmas all cats that Cat Haven sold would be free to a good home, but only on the condition that owners bought an adoption package that start at $125 which includes essential services such as sterilisation that owners would need to purchase anyway to take care of the cat.

To see the 12 cats featured in the campaign, visit Cat Haven at 23 Lemnos Street in Shenton Park, or view them at Cat Havens website by logging onto

 Media contact: Media and Communications Coordinator Jessica Reid, 0413 105 200, JPGS OF THE 12 CATS OF CHRISTMAS ARE AVAILABLE TO EMAIL IF REQUIRED.


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One response to “Cat dumping and euthanasia soars to its highest – Cat Haven cannot cope with the amount of pets dumped

  1. companionanimalnews

    Cat Haven is now over capacity, struggling to cope with hundreds of dumped cats and kittens during the biggest pet dumping month of the year (December).

    Here are the shocking statistics so far, that our not for profit charity that survives on the financial support from the public to operate is currently dealing with :

    * 150 cats are currently at the shelter, which normally has capacity to shelter 120.

    * We have managed to foster out a further 250 cats/kittens that couldnt fit in the shelter so that temporary homes can be provided to buy them more time. (We need more foster carers urgently)

    *Yesterday another 62 pets were dumped on top of the 150 cats we already had at our very fullest capacity, we only had 4 adoptions yesterday

    *Euthanasia rates last December were around 85 percent, this year is starting off no different

    *Last year 766 pets in December were euthanised out of 889 that we received. The euthanasia is due to Cat Haven only being able to shelter 120 pets at a time and there is nowhere for us to send the surplus. Cat Haven takes in the majority of unwanted cats in Perth. We never turn away dumped pets as we realise there is nowhere else for them to go.

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