Cats ‘weren’t feral’

Sunraysia Daily, Liz O’brien, 19 Dec 2009

A MILDURA Animal Shelter worker, who last month blew the whistle on cat shootings at the pound, yesterday claimed more than six animals had been shot.

The man, who was working at the shelter under Centrelink’s Work for the Dole scheme and witnessed the shootings, contacted Sunraysia Daily yesterday after council refused to respond to his allegations.

Animal lovers across the nation and abroad were appalled to hear accounts of cats being shot last month.

It prompted calls for Mayor Glenn Milne to step down and for the council worker who shot the animals to be fired.

Council later admitted to shooting six “feral” cats, despite having a contract with a Mildura veterinarian to euthanise animals.

At that time, the shooting was dubbed cruel and unnecessary by RSPCA president Dr Hugh Wirth who said a formal investigation would be launched.

The witness said he was keen to set the record straight on the shootings, including “false” claims that the impounded cats were unmanagaeable and wild.

“I just really wanted people to know they weren’t feral and that there wasn’t only six of them,” he said.

“I am the one who put them in the cages.”

 For more of this story, purchase your copy of Saturday’s Sunraysia Daily 19/12/2009.

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