Pet owners will need licence to breed

  Gold Coast News; Melinda Marshall   |  February 5th, 2010

 GOLD Coast pet owners will need a licence if they want their dog or cat to have a litter, under proposed new regulations slammed by pet shop owners as ‘mandatory desexing by stealth’.

 The City Council intends to introduce permits to target backyard breeders and cut the number of unwanted kittens and puppies.

 The State Government-backed pilot program could be adopted statewide.

 Pet Industry Association state co-ordinator Paul Westaway slammed the scheme which requires permit holders to desex kittens when they sell them or give them away. Puppies will escape the snip.

 “It’s mandatory desexing by stealth,” said Mr Westaway, a member of the stakeholder group that developed the plan.

 “It is impinging on people’s rights.”

 Animal Welfare League strategic development officer Joy Verrinder, who led the stakeholder group, said cats intended for breeding would be exempt from desexing.

 The scheme would reduce the euthanasia of 4000 cats and dogs on the Gold Coast each year, she said.

 Breeders and pet owners alike would have to apply for a permit if they wanted their animals to breed, and comply with an animal welfare code of practice.

 If the permit plan is approved at the council’s Monday meeting, it will go out for public comment and is expected to come into force mid-year.

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7 responses to “Pet owners will need licence to breed

  1. companionanimalnews

    This is an exceptional move forward – well done AWL Queensland and Gold Coast City Council. Great to see the Pet Industry Association bleating.

    Some comments on the Gold Coast News website related to this story:

    Joy Verrinder Posted On 2:01pm Friday
    The numbers of animals euthanased was 4000 in 2002 but is now 1435 (578 dogs and 857 cats) in 2008/9. AWL Qld has maintained saving every healthy sociable dog and cat since May 2009, but are struggling to maintain this. However there are still many treatable cats who will be saved once we get the Breeder Permits in place to help reduce the numbers of unwanted kittens being born. We’ve been working with GCCC for many years and it’s great to see them taking the initiative.

    Blackdog Posted On 10:53am Friday
    I can’t understand why Paul Westaway could even to begin to draw a comparison between the proposed Breeder permit Scheme and Mandatory Desexing.Anthing that guarantees that puppies and kittens are bred with purpose under well defined guidelines must be a bonus. Anything to prevent the unnecessary euthanasia of unwanted animlas must be worthwhile. And surely there must be an advantage to the Pet Industry knowing that their “stock” has come from a responsible “liscenced” breeder.

    Rachel Simpson Posted On 10:34am Friday
    This has made my day, hopefully it will get through!

    Shannon Posted On 8:20am Friday
    I am beside myself with glee that the council is finally doing something to stop the high euthanasia levels of kittens/cats on the Gold Coast. As a pound volunteer and cat foster carer, I have seen far too many animals destroyed because of over-population problems. This is wonderful news!

    Amber Posted On 8:17am Friday
    Finally – something that I agree with the Council about. This is fantastic news and I hope it comes into effect ASAP. For those people who oppose it saying it ‘infringes on their rights’, maybe they should look into the eyes of those 4000 healthy animals that are euthanised every year due to the over supply thanks to puppy mills and back yard breeders.

  2. You must ask yourself what possible objection PIAA could have to this move.
    The only one that comes to mind is that a ready an easy supply of puppies and kittens for the pet shop trade will disappear.
    Well done Gold Coast City Council.

  3. What a fantastic initiative – thumbs up to Gold Coast City Council! Backyard breeding is a huge problem & it is great to see a pro-active attempt to address and lessen the despairing overpopulation of dogs & cats. It should be seen as a PRIVILEGE to have a companion animal – & more so to be able to breed them – so it is encouraging to see that people’s so-called rights in this matter (which they tend to abuse for profit & self-gain & no thought about the ongoing welfare of these animals) is to be controlled by licensing. Hopefully this can be regulated successfully & taken up statewide councils & by other states.

  4. Congratulations to Gold Coast Council for their sensible plans to bring regulation into pet breeding. I very much hope these initiatves will come into effect. This is a step forward that is needed, and not just on the Gold Coast and Queensland. I hope for the whole of Australia.

  5. Teresa Carden

    Sharing life with cats & dogs should be a privilage and as such should require a licence. Breeding them – even more! 250,000 healthy, but unwanted cats and dogs are killed in Australian pounds each year. Mr Westaway, since when act of murder is a human right? Well done Joy Verrinder!

  6. JT

    Congratulations to AWL Qld on their G2Z campaign and favourable results so far.

    I must, however, disagree with many posts here.

    There is not a straight line between someone breeding a litter … and animals getting killed in a shelter. Do not be fooled – it is far too simplistic a story and one that many blame-shifting animal welfare orgs are only too happy to peddle.

    The “too many pets not enough homes” cry has been disproved completely. But animal shelters with non-progessive leaders will continue to push this message because it is easier to blame the public than fix their own shelter management.

    Don’t believe me?
    Have a look here –

    This is how US shelters got to zero without introducing any new laws. AWL Qld’s Joy Verrinder was in the audience at the Qld conference when Nathan Winograd spoke, she knows its true. But she can’t get past blaming the ‘bad public’. Time to move on, Joy – then you truly will Get 2 Zero.

  7. Animalia

    I get where you are coming from JT & I have read the book. But let me ask you this, the shelter where I work has over 100 cats & kittens ready to go into new homes, we have used the media as much as we can, we have adopted new programs & tried to come up with catchy ideas to get people in the door, falling short of giving the animals away, what do you propose we do with the constant flow of cats & kittens that continue to come thru our doors. Today we had only one pen left yet we had more than 50 come in. We have numerous already out in foster, some awaiting for pen space to come back. The Media is tired of our request for assistance with PR.

    Compulsory Desexing for all Non Breeding Cats is a Must as far as I am concerned.

    I also believe the euth figures given, do not account for all companion animals euth’d in that state. I fear it is much higher, but as we do not a proper reporting body, only estimates are given.

    I believe it is a step in the right direction, I will however be interested on how it is enforced.

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