RSPCA (Tasmania) seeks representation on Sentencing Advisory Counci

Media Release, RSPCA Tasmania
Tasmania’s Attorney General, Lara Giddings has called for Expressions of Interest from the community on the Sentencing Advisory Council, and the Board of RSPCA will be seeking representation.
‘The RSPCA clearly has an interest in sentencing in Tasmania, since no-one, not even the worst animal abusers in the state, has ever received a prison sentence’, said Interim Chief Executive Officer Angela Ayling.
Ms Ayling has monitored animal cruelty cases for a number of years, and says that penalties handed down never reflect the seriousness of the crime, community expectations, or the well-documented parallels between animal abuse and other forms of violence.
‘Time and time again, we have seen meaningless suspended prison sentences or trivial fines handed down by the courts, in some cases years after the offences’, she continued. ‘The RSPCA will be submitting an expression of interest for our representative on the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (AWAC) to also represent us on the Sentencing Advisory Council’.
The new RSPCA Board says that this will be part of its more proactive approach to the welfare of all Tasmanian animals. Ms Ayling says that penalties for minor drug and traffic offences are heavier than those handed down to serial and egregious animal abusers, and that the courts need to understand the social ramifications of animal abuse, and that the Tasmanian community expects more from the justice system.
Media Contact: Angela Ayling on 0400 369920

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One response to “RSPCA (Tasmania) seeks representation on Sentencing Advisory Counci

  1. Annelies

    Brilliant, hope whoever gets appointed to this position has a very tough skin and an even tougher spine.

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