Three-pronged approach could save dogs and cats lives: Cr Tyrell

Blacktown Advocate: 

09 Feb 10 @ 03:31pm by Christine O’Maley

 AS BLACKTOWN Council continues to drag its feet on the high number of animals being destroyed at the Animal Holding Facility, councillor Nick Tyrell has joined the attack and called for a three-pronged approach, including free desexing and registration periods, to curb the cull.

In 2008, 1419 dogs and 3146 cats were put down at the pound yet animals were still allowed to be sold undesexed and the council continued to enforce a tender process where popular dogs were sold to the highest bidder.

“How is it that NSW destroys nearly 60,000 animals a year, yet Blacktown Council forces would-be rescuers to bid on animals when even eBay is prohibited from offering animals for auction?” Cr Tyrrell asked.

He said it was time for the council to deliver on a decade of promises to reduce the number of animals destroyed each year.

Rather than continuing with policies that weren’t getting results, Cr Tyrrell suggested a three-point plan forcing backyard breeders to be licensed, allowing animal rescuers to take their new pets home on a two-week foster care arrangement and offering an amnesty period for all owners to have their animal desexed and/or registered for free.

“By adopting this approach, we can ensure the number of unwanted animals decreases and the rate of rehoming is improved,’’ he said. 

Hawkesbury Council’s Animal Shelter, which employed tactics like “Cheap Chip Days’’ and didn’t allow bidding, had a rehoming rate of nearly 80 per cent for dogs and 40 per cent for cats in 2008.

Blacktown Council only rehomed about 10 per cent of cats and 65 per cent of dogs impounded in 2008.

At present, the Blacktown facility sold all dogs and cats microchipped and registered, under NSW legislation, but desexing wasn’t mandatory.

The only incentive to get an animal desexed was the difference in price when registering an animal.

According to the council, Lifetime Registration for dogs and cats in NSW was $150 for an undesexed animal and $40 for a desexed animal.

The argument for desexing was no more evident than behind the trash cans at the shops on Quakers Hill Parkway where stray kittens and cats were multiplying.

Subway staff and shopkeepers thought it was a sad existence but said they couldn’t stomach the thought of council collecting the cats and putting them down at the pound.

Some residents felt so bad for the cats they regularly fed them biscuits and water.

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2 responses to “Three-pronged approach could save dogs and cats lives: Cr Tyrell

  1. Jayne Bowman

    I agree reform at Blacktown Pound is overdue. It is time the Council took a more responsible approach to the unfortunate animals who end up at the pound and make every endeavour to reduce the number of animal by desexing and looking at alternate ways to find homes, particually for cats and kittens. As many of these animals come from other councils it is a community responsibility to provide outlets where animals are rehomed. Veterinary Hospitals throughout the Lane Cove, Holroyd, Blacktown, Baulkham Hills area could provide assistance by taking kittens for rehoming.

    I found disturbing to hear of the cases of neglect on behalf of the staff at the facility. As a member of the community I hold the expectation that Blacktown Council have a duty of care under the Animal Companion Act to employ responsible, professional animal carers who provide adequate housing, food and medical requirements to animals under their care. The examples of animal neglect clearly show this is not happening.
    I hold the expectation that the issues related to this neglect will be rectified before the next meeting in June. However, I do have concerns
    that Bureaucracy will interfere with a speedy positive outcome. Meanwhile, animals are suffering due to this neglect.
    The volunteers who go to the Animal Holding Facility need a BIG THANK YOU. Without them these cases of neglect would go unnoticed and greater, more
    prolonged suffering of the animals would occur.

  2. Jan

    Mandatory de sexing is the answer to a lot of problems at the pound. These animals need to be protected from people who just want to exploit them & make money. Mr Tyrrell I agree with everything you stand for I only hope that you get support from your fellow Council members. Mr Pendleton should hang his head in shame by giving people a choice,having their animals de sexed or not. These animals do NOT have a say in it at all & they are the ones that are suffering. As part of the community of Blacktown I ask, NO I demand that Blacktown Council support these animals, this has been going on for too long. Money plays a big part in all of this.
    Blacktown council stand up & show the community you deserve their respect, show your HUMANITY!

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