Moorabool Shire Council denies dog permit

The Courier; BY KIM STEPHENS; 17 Feb, 2010
THE pleas of a Beremboke couple to keep 30 dogs on their property fell on deaf ears last night, as Moorabool Shire councillors unanimously voted to deny them a permit.Melinda and Les Paxton addressed councillors at a meeting at Bacchus Marsh last night to defend themselves against claims in a council report that they had as many as 59 dogs on their property at one time.

The couple made a retrospective claim to house the 30 animals on their Marshalls Lane property.

“The whole thing has got out of hand a little bit,” Mr Paxton said.

“There have never been 59 dogs on the property,” Mr Paxton said.”There were 46 and when (the council worker) told us we could only have 30, we put the rest up for sale on the internet and got rid of them.”

Neighbouring property owners complained about dogs escaping, excessive noise and people shooting kangaroos to feed the dogs.

Council compliance officers also reported that dogs were chained to trees and cars, kept in cages with concrete floors without sufficient water, and that raw meat was thrown on the ground for the dogs to eat.

Mr Paxton said he had quickly complied with any conditions council officers had instructed him on.

“We put up fences before the due date and the vet microchipped 30 dogs. If they were in poor condition the vet would have done something about it,” he said.

He said an RSPCA officer had cleared the couple of mistreatment of the animals and claimed the lack of appropriate waste management was due to council red tape.

“I can’t put in an effluent pit until the shire says how.”

The report of the council compliance officer said objections to the permit application were based on the fact Mr Paxton had a history of non-compliance with the number of dogs on the property and with the registration of dogs.

It also said investigations revealed Mr Paxton was running a puppy farm, despite his claims the animals were kept as pets.

The council unanimously rejected the application.

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2 responses to “Moorabool Shire Council denies dog permit

  1. companionanimalnews

    Some comments on the Courier website:

    “Thumbs up to council. At least now there is one less puppy farm to feed the epidemic of unloved and neglected dogs who spend most of their time alone in suburban backyards, bored or anxious and fretting. You only have to wander around the suburbs of Ballarat (especially the new estates) to hear the yaps, barks and howls of miserable dogs longing for attention that they rarely get, whilst inadvertently destroying the peace and quiet for those that are stuck at home to suffer it.”

    “Can someone explain to me why this even had to go to a vote? Another mob trying to line their own pockets at the poor animals’ expense. Thousands of beautiful dogs are put down every month because scum like this are breeding any dog to any dog, housing them in poor conditions and usually selling the puppies off to pet shops, where they are bought by people impulsively. If you aren’t a registered breeder of pedigree dogs, you shouldn’t have more than two or three as pets, it’s just that simple. And if pet shops were banned from selling puppies and kittens, these damn puppy farms would close overnight. It’s a ridiculous situation, these puppy farms should not exist, period. Then there will be less suffering for these poor defenceless animals.”

    “I am a registered breeder and have more buyers than puppies, so I can pick and choose who gets my puppies. We get follow ups on them, get feedback and offer to rehome them if the buyer’s situation changes. We only have one breed and are all pedigreed. We know the temperament and we give advice to new buyers for life. We do not sell a puppy ’till we are pretty confident the new owners are worthy. The problem here is pet shops who help create this demand and the RSPCA for trying to tell people cross breeds are better than pure breeds. Registered breeders have strict conditions to abide by, cross bred breeders do not. The RSPCA should be recommending people buy from registered breeders of pure bred dogs. There are still a few bad apples doing this, but it is more controlled.”

  2. companionanimalnews

    Do you know of a puppy or kitten mill near you? If you do, please contact us at, or direct to your local branch of Animal Liberation.

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