Family dog killed after Cranbourne pound bungle

Hastings Leader: 22 Feb 10 by Natalie Kealey

A GRIEVING family is still waiting for answers almost two months after their pet dog Brindle was destroyed at the Cranbourne pound. Skye mother-of-three Sharon Bierman said the incident had rocked her family, particularly eight-year-old Shenae, who had grown up with the dog. “We’re devastated at losing her,” Ms Bierman said. “She was a member of our family. Two people who loved her went to great lengths to get her out of the pound, but they wouldn’t hand her over. Then they put her down and we still don’t know why.”

The golden-retriever cross, who joined the family as a pup in 2002, fled during a thunderstorm two days before Christmas. Ms Bierman received a call from the pound telling her Brindle was there, but despite offering to collect her straight away she was told she couldn’t because Brindle was registered in her former partner Paul Lindley’s name.

The next day, when Mr Lindley went with their children to collect Brindle they were turned away because her microchip details were in Ms Bierman’s name.

Despite being just 30 minutes from closing for the Christmas holiday period, the pound refused to give the children their dog. The family was forced to leave for their holiday the next day without Brindle, her gift still unopened.

After repeated phone calls between Ms Bierman, the pound and animal welfare officers at Frankston Council, Ms Bierman was told on New Year’s Eve that Mr Lindley could collect Brindle. Less than 10 minutes later she received another call from the council to tell her Brindle was dead.

When Frankston Leader contacted the pound the manager, Rod, who refused to provide his last name, would not comment other than “it’s Frankston Council’s responsibility”.

A statement from Frankston Council chief executive George Modrich also fails to provide comfort for the family. “Council has asked The Lost Dogs’ Home for an explanation of this incident,” he said. “Council officers have also met with management of The Lost Dogs’ Home to examine procedures and look to ensure something like this does not happen again.”

The Lost Dogs Home, which manages the facility, did not respond to Leader’s requests for comment.

Do you think Brindle’s case was poorly handled? Have you lost a pet at the pound? Tell us what you think below.

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2 responses to “Family dog killed after Cranbourne pound bungle

  1. companionanimalnews

    Here are some of the comments on Leaders comment page:

    “As I write this, with tears streaming down my face, thinking of what our life would be like if someone had killed our beloved ‘family member’ Frankie, our beloved Border Collie X, I am appalled that ‘paperwork’ errors has had this poor babies life cut so terribly short. How on earth can things get so badly screwed up. Both names of both owners were on one paperwork or another and firstly they actually called them to pick her up and then wouldn’t let them taker her home. Too many animals get put down every year because of irresponsible owners and here they have a loving family, willing to do anything to get their family member back and they have managed to put down a beautiful animal that was wanted. It just breaks my heart. Sending the grieving family our love x”

    “Lost Dogs Home called the owners to notify them that they had the family dog. Then they refused to return the dog to the children. Then they killed her a week later. ”

    “I am absolutely horrified at Frankston Council pound staff. Did no one bother to check the details of the poor dog before deciding the 8 days were up. Whatever happened to adoption of dogs that are friendly and healthy. My sympathy to the family.
    Do we pay our dog registration for nothing if it cannot save your pet if it is picked up by a supposedly caring Council.
    I would sue the Council for negligence if I was this family.
    Shame on you Frankston Council. The pound manager should be fired for this stuff up.”

    “I read this story today and couldn’t believe my eyes. The animal shelters are always trying to find homes for the animals, so WHY on earth would they make it difficult for a family to simply retrieve their own pet? It beggars belief that they simply couldnt have handed the dog over immediately.
    This situation is the most ridiculous example of lack of compassion if nothing else, and incompetency by the council and LDH. I’m so sorry that this poor family has lost their beloved pet, for absolutely no reason at all. Its an outrage, and i’m very very sorry on their behalf.”

    To read other comments, visit link above.

  2. companionanimalnews

    This was the original email that alerted Rescued With Love about the matter:

    “my partner and I had a dog that was handed in by someone who didn’t own the dog ( our dog/puppy wasn’t microchiped) on a Monday about 4.30 pm and he was put down the very next morning at 8.15am or 12.30pm depending on who was telling the story.
    The person who handed him in stated it wasn’t their dog. We have contacted them on numerous times to find out what happened and why the dog was put down and each time we were told a very different story inc the dog was never there.
    We have never been able to see any paperwork regarding the dog, we weren’t even able to have a look for dogs up for adoption ( hoping we might spot him) and were told by Sue to go have a look at the website. no stories ever matched up and no one has told us a straight story and we don’t understand why he was put down so quickly, as he was a gorgeous dog.
    We were wondering is there a way of finding out what happened to the dog maybe through paperwork or any other way. We are still not buying any of the stories of what happened to our dog and just want to get down to the truth. Any help would be appreciated so much.”

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