Photographs of puppy farm ‘too shocking’

Vic: Geelong Advertiser; Jeff Whalley February 25th, 2010

 SHOCKING: A pug sits in a small cage in this photo taken by Animal Liberation Victoria on a secret visit this week to the puppy farm north of Anakie.

PHOTOGRAPHS of conditions at the Paxtons’ dog kennels were too distressing for the public to see, Moorabool Shire mayor Pat Toohey said.

Cr Toohey told the Geelong Advertiser the images, captured by rangers at the Beremboke puppy farm during inspections, were withheld from a damning council report on the farm.

“Certainly photos could not run in the report. The senior planning officer said they were not presentable in a public report,” Cr Toohey said.

The Moorabool Shire is seeking an enforcement order from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to clean up the conditions on the site.

A council report said the kennels breached council policies for keeping dogs and failed the minimum standards for the Code of Practice for the Private Keeping of Dogs under the Planning and Environment Act.

Councillors voted to pursue the VCAT action at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

Photo gallery click here.

Rangers who inspected the property last September found animal carcasses left to rot on the ground and dogs kept in cages strewn with faeces.

The scathing report to councillors revealed the puppy farm failed all 27 minimum standards for dog care.

“Given evidence onsite of avoidable animal fatalities, it is considered that the subject facility does not comply with this (health) standard,” the report says.

It also found that there were no adequate effluent treatment facilities provided to contain, treat or dispose of animal waste within the boundaries of the site.

Cr Toohey said the case had only come before the council because the owners had applied for retrospective permission to keep 30 dogs.

RSPCA spokesman Tim Pilgrim said his organisation had been to the property and he applauded the council action.

“From an organisational point of view we do have ongoing concerns with over intensive breeding practices,” he said.

“We are very pleased the council are taking action in these circumstances.”

Mr Pilgrim said that while there were no breaches under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act there were code of practice breaches.

“These are outlined pretty clearly in the council report,” he said.

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