Secret raid on Beremboke puppy farm

Vic: The Courier; BY MEG RAYNER; 25 Feb, 2010 01:28 PM

MORE than 40 puppies were found housed in squalid living conditions at a Moorabool puppy farm during a secret raid this week, according to animal activists.Animal Liberation Victoria secretly visited the Beremboke puppy farm near Anakie on Monday night and said they were shocked at the horrific conditions.Campaign manager Debra Tranter said it was a horrible night, with puppies found in cages and chained to cars surround by their own faeces and rotting meat.She said there were also countless pig and piglets roaming the property, which she described as a huge derelict junk yard.”The dogs have no access to water … there were no food bowls, we filmed rotten meat thrown on the ground,” she said.”They were living in really unhygienic conditions.”Last week the Moorabool Shire Council denied Melinda and Les Paxton a permit allowing them to run the puppy farm, after claims they had as many as 59 dogs on their property at one time.Neighbouring property owners complained about dogs escaping, excess ive noise and people shooting kangaroos to feed the dogs.Mr Tranter said it has since been revealed council officers visited the site in September last year and witnessed the shocking conditions but did nothing about it.”The most upsetting thing out of the whole property was that all the authorities, both the RSPCA and council, have known about this for eight years and done nothing,” she said.”After they photographed dead dogs chained to trees last September they should have acted then, charged the man and seized the surviving dogs.”The Moorabool Shire is seeking an enforcement order from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to clean up the conditions on the site. To access original article, click here…


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  1. companionanimalnews

    Some comments from the Courier website blog:

    “To know about this for eight years and do nothing is disgusting. Shame on those who knew and did nothing.”

    ‘How can government departments allow this to continue, yet you get fined for overstaying a parking space? The world has gone mad.”

    “This is why I do not trust donating money to the RSPCA. Appalling that nothing was done at council and RSPCA level. This story highlights conditions such as these are factual and more common than people would like to admit. Shame on the Moorabool Shire Council!”

    “What will it take for the State Government to realise that puppy is inhumane and socially unacceptable? When is the ball handling going to stop between the DPI, RSPCA and local shires every time serious animal welfare issues are addressed to them? When are government authorities willing to make a stand for all the animals used as prisoners for profit and introduce legislation, banning the sale of pets in stores and abolish kitten and puppy mills completely? How can a RSPCA spokesman say: “inspectors had found no breaches of the Prevention of Cruelty Act,” when Animal Liberationists were willing to bring forth to the public that filthy, evil extremities of many puppy farms such as Beremboke do exist? Also, if according to the Moorabool Council report, investigators found dogs tethered without shelter, lacking in sufficient food and clean drinking water, deprived of human contact and raw meat left to rot. Is this not considered also a violation of the Prevention of Cruelty Act? The community need to know that puppy farming must not be tolerated and NEVER purchase a pet over the Internet or from pet shops.”

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