HAVE YOUR SAY: Search for answers over Brindle’s death

Frankstone Standard leader, Mar 1, 2010, by Natalie Kealey

FRANKSTON Council and the Lost Dogs’ Home have come under heavy fire from an angry community disgusted by the death of a dog in their care.

Brindle, a family pet, was put down after being taken to Lost Dogs’ Home-run Cranbourne Pound just before Christmas.

Mum Sharon Bierman contacted the Leader with her story after waiting almost two months for an explanation from the pound and the council.

>> READ: Sharon Bierman’s full letter to authorities

She said the responses issued this week from both organisations fall short.

>> READ: The Lost Dogs’ Home’s response
>> READ: Frankston Council’s respose

“They still don’t tell me why Brindle was put down,” she said. “It’s obvious there’s a problem with their procedures.

“We want to know why we were not allowed to pick up our dog … She was our dog and we were able to pay the fine for her being off our property.

“We won’t stop until we get some honest answers.”

Joining the chorus of calls for transparency last week was Sue Savage, who also found grief over a dog impounded at Cranbourne.

A stray dog she found ended up at the pound, as she told the staff she wanted to adopt the maltese puppy if no one claimed it.

The dog was apparently unwell and she offered to pay all costs associated with its care.

Despite phoning every day to check on its condition and reiterating her offer to adopt the dog, it was destroyed.

“They’re not going to get away with it,” the Dandenong woman said. “Something must be done.”

The Lost Dogs’ Home and the Cranbourne shelter refused to comment on this matter.

Ms Bierman said the community support since the story was published had helped her daughter Shenae.

“At least she now sees there are good people out there.”

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