Dogs seized from alleged puppy farm

ABC Ballarat

Most of the dogs at an alleged puppy farm near the Brisbane Ranges have been removed after an order from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

VCAT granted the Moorabool Shire an interim order last week to force the owners to remove the dogs.

The shire has pictures showing up to 50 dogs being kept at the Beremboke property in appalling conditions.

Mayor Pat Toohey says the owners have complied with the order to remove all but five dogs.

“Yesterday evening council inspected the property and were able to ascertain that there were four dogs remaining on the property plus one dog out with the owner,” councillor Toohey said.

“The property owner had complied with the order from VCAT and we’re very pleased that the welfare of the animals has been forefront in the decision making process.”


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  1. companionanimalnews

    Following letter sent to each member of Moorabool Council, media, and Vic Premier etc by the person responsible for highlighting the plight of these animals:

    “This email is addressed to each and every Councillor at Moorabool Shire Council. Please ensure this email is also passed onto your CEO – Robert Dobrzynski, with a further request that he respond to my previous complaint, or I will refer all of my complaints and questions (all still unanswered), to the media and the Victorian State Ombudsman and they can ask the ‘hard questions’.

    I am aware of the initial VCAT outcome as are many in Victoria and indeed those involved in rescue Australia wide. Many, myself included, have obviously been watching very closely. Because of my ‘council’ experience and having an understanding of planning matters, I knew a week in advance what the first VCAT outcome would be, as I knew that it would make no difference to these long suffering animals. The next scheduled VCAT hearing on 16 March will simply be a repeat performance. The fact that Council’s Solicitor (Maddocks), forgot to pay the initial VCAT fee when they lodged the “urgent”
    application and that the matter was further delayed by 1-3 days, just heightens the level of incompetence of all concerned.

    And then you can pull down the sheds. Big deal – makes no difference to the dogs ! You can bulldoze the sheds and maybe even issue a fine, however as I think you understand, my concern and heartbreak has always been about the dogs. I have rescued dogs like this before and I know well the stench, the fear, the sickness and the time it takes to heal these abused animals. That they will never know a kind hand, clean bed, a day without extreme cold, heat or filth is a little more than I can cope with at present. That they will not even know food that is not infested with maggots or clean water.
    And do I hold your Council responsible – yes I do.

    The story has again been covered by your local media and again many of your residents are commenting to the papers and on the various websites. Both Council and RSPCA are taking a pounding with community feelings through the media and other forums. I doubt this will subside.!/group.php?gid=327079072510&ref=ts

    For me I have tried, as have many day after day, to persuade the Paxton’s to allow some dogs out. They have been sold and no doubt primarily to other puppy farmers including others within your shire. So while Council can stop them breeding on this property, you have not stopped them breeding, nor have your provided any relief for the dogs now hidden, sold off or worse. Nor will there be any relief or escape for the five that will remain and continue to live in filth or the ‘extra’ four the Paxtons’ have since sold off or hidden or worse.

    The most recent statements from Council and in particular from the CEO are beyond belief. This is the ‘happy forever outcome’ Moorabool Council and RSPCA was always after. No care, no responsibility and outrageous statements by the Moorabool Council Mayor Pat Toohey “we’re very pleased that the welfare of the animals has been forefront in the decision making process.”
    and Chief Executive Officer Robert Dobrzynski, “This is in line with the VCAT order.”

    Please confirm for me in writing, precisely what you have done for the welfare of the animals CEO and Councillors, and how do you intend to ensure the welfare of the five remaining Paxton dogs ?

    Council now only now need to get their second VCAT hearing on Tuesday March 16, where Council will be pursuing the Paxtons’ over the use of the land for intensive animal husbandry for pigs and perhaps rabbits.

    What a load of political ‘spin’ and avoidance. What about the dogs?, what about the eight years of overdue enforcement of the Code of Practice ?, what about the outcome for all the Paxton dogs who have died and been sold off ?, what about the lack of action from the responsible legislated authorities for eight long years ?

    I don’t know that Moorabool Council will ever be able to explain why nothing happened for eight years. I will not rest until you do. You have had eight years to get this mess sorted and you have done nothing until exposed by the media and even then nothing for the animals, and yet your Mayor has the hide to put out a statement like “we’re very pleased that the welfare of the animals has been forefront in the decision making process”. This is just simple manipulation of the truth. Do you really think your residents and the Victorian public are stupid enough to swallow this ?

    The Paxtons’ breached 27 sections of the Code of Practice and you sat on it.

    Four years ago I was a council ‘scapegoat’ and was sacked by a council like yours who were aware of numerous breaches of the Code of Practice with a big puppy farm, and like you, they had ample evidence to enforce. Like you they didn’t. Like you they allowed the puppy farmers’ to walk away with not even a fine, like you they tried to cover up and bury their mess. Like the Paxton case, RSPCA and DPI did nothing. This time, it is not going to be covered up. This time people in positions of responsibility must be held to account.

    For me, it is not a matter I will forget and then just move onto the next puppy farm. It is a matter I will pursue, because only with truth, even when frightening and bare, can we all learn and stop this happening again. You will be held accountable – each and every Councillor and the CEO irrespective of whether he is still at Moorabool Council or has taken up his new position in Tasmania. I will also continue to insist that the Victorian Minister for Agriculture, the Victorian Minister for Local Government, and the Victorian Premier act on behalf of the dogs you are all supposed to protect.”

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