Bikers bark cool for animal rights

Coffs Coast Advocate; 6th March 2010; Trevor Veale

LOCAL biker 'Ice' campaigns for animal rights as founding member of the Bikers Animal Rescue Klub (BARK).RIDING FOR LIFE: ‘Ice’ is ready to roll in his bid to raise awareness of cruelty to animals.

LOCAL biker ‘Ice’ may look tough but behind the bike and under his leathers, he’s a softy at heart.

As a founding member of the Bikers Animal Rescue Klub (BARK), Ice is campaigning for animal rights and is using his bike to do so. On March 28, he’s inviting anyone, on any kind of bike, to join him on the Animal Rights Awareness Run.

“It’s a non-profit organisation and we’re looking to raise awareness about animal rights and raise much-needed funds for an animal shelter in Lismore,” Ice said.

He started the group after seeing constant cruelty toward animals.

“I left Sydney eight years ago and I’ve just seen too much abuse. People think they’ve got the right and they don’t. The laws are not adequate and we want to do something about it.”

And so the idea of the Animals Rights Awareness Run was born. Riders are asked to bring either monetary donations or donations of pet food on the run, which will be handed over to an animal shelter in Lismore.

The run will depart from the Coramba Hotel at 10am and travel north to Grafton, through to Casino and then to Lismore for lunch at an animal shelter, where donations will be handed over. The ride will then return to Coffs Harbour.

Details: call Ice on 0417 193 273.

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3 responses to “Bikers bark cool for animal rights

  1. We would like to thank BARK founder Ice and a group of lovely people who joined the BARK’S Animal Rights Awareness Run today from Coffs Harbour to Lismore. They arrived at our centre in Lismore for a veggie BBQ lunch with a large quantity of donated pet food and cash donations of $100.00 to help us with our rescue work. We exchanged lots of animal news and all agreed that tougher laws and law enforcement for cruelty offences are urgently needed. Small animal Rescue groups everywhere have for too long been unheard, yet do much of the coal face work and so we welcome fresh support from other independent groups of caring & concerned people. ARRG thanks BARK & supporters for their kindness today and urges others to get in touch with BARK to make a difference.

  2. Annelies Craig

    Well done, as I see more and more people embark on issues pertaining to animal issues/rights and in doing so bringing awareness to the community of the plight that our pets suffer, and mostly at our hands, I feel that their is a small glimmer of light and hope at the end of the tunnel. I pray that one day there just might be no abuse, cruelty nor neglect towards our companion animals or animals in general. Good on you Ice…….

  3. Well done ICE and Bark,

    ARRG have been giving animals a second chance for many years and I know its great to know that there are people like you who dont just sit back, but try and help in any way possible.

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