Blacktown Pound given a pounding

Blacktown Advocate, March 10, 2010

Crucial and overdue changes needed at the facility……..

Footnote: we were told that “Cr Pendleton (now Mayor) has always opposed mandatory desexing. At the Blacktown City Council Urban Companion Animals Management Advisory Sub-Committee (UCAMASC) Meeting on 1st March, he argued that as ‘he was a responsible owner, his female dog was not desexed, and therefore mandatory desexing was not necessary’ “.

How will we get changes with attitudes like that?


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One response to “Blacktown Pound given a pounding

  1. Jan Baker

    Exactly Mr Pendleton thinks people should have a choice….he doesn’t care about the animals…..what makes him a responsible owner when his dog is not desexed… me that is a irresponsible owner…mandatory desexing has to come into Blacktown pound…..Pendleton has to listen to the community…..he also should visit the pound & just see what goes on…..but he doesn’t want to get his hands dirty, so everybody else does all the dirty work……he just makes the rules……lets get some new blood into Blacktown council…..Pendleton has got tunnel vision & there will be no progress while he sits at the top!!!!!!!!

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