Plan for super-sized puppy breeding centre

Geelong Advertiser; Kerri-Ann Hobbs; March 29th, 2010

A MELBOURNE puppy farmer has unveiled plans for a super-sized breeding centre at Ballan, about 70km north of Geelong.

Planning documents filed with the Moorabool Shire Council show the proponents, Robert and Chanthavilit Attard, want to build 52 runs, each to hold two breeding dogs, and a birthing shed on the 20ha farm on the Ballan-Geelong Rd.

But the plan has shocked the RSPCA, which described it as one of the largest farms it had encountered.

“Mr and Mrs Attard wishes (sic) to build a house on the property and expand his current interests in the ‘dog breeding industry’ and develop a dog breeding and dog rearing establishment,” the application stated. “The site is currently used for the grazing of sheep, has water supply related infrastructure already established suitable to be further developed for use as a dog breeding farm.”

The business plan shows the breeding centre would have two, 26-run kennels, with two breeding dogs to be kept in each pen.

The runs would be 4m by 15m, with 14sq m of concrete in each pen and one third of the concreted area covered by a shed to house the dogs.

A 5m treed buffer would separate the two kennels and extra trees would be planted in the pens to give dogs shade.

The entire centre would be screened with trees to reduce barking annoying neighbours.

RSPCA chief executive Maria Mercurio said the organisation did not support the establishment of puppy farms and she believed the community also hated their existence.

She said the group was lobbying the State Government to boost animal protection laws to ensure puppy farms were more accountable and that councils enforced those rules.

“It’s very frustrating for us as well,” Ms Mercurio said.

“The rules need to be re-written, they need to be clear and they need to be easy to enforce.”

Animal Liberation Victoria’s Debra Tranter said the group would be lobbying to prevent the permit being granted.

“The plans for this puppy farm resemble a piggery,” she said.

“Dogs are not primary producers, they are companion animals and deserve to be treated as such.”

The Ballan property is about 20km from the site of another notorious puppy farm run by Leslie Paxton and Melinda Pryor, who were accused of keeping dogs in appalling conditions on their Beremboke farm.

Earlier this month the shire council won their VCAT hearing, with a ruling that banned the couple from keeping more than five dogs at their property.

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2 responses to “Plan for super-sized puppy breeding centre

  1. companionanimalnews

    Here are some of the comments posted on the Advertiser’s blog:

    “Puppy farms are barbaric, anachronistic, money spinners where dogs are indiscriminately bred in dreadful conditions purely for the purpose of making money for unscrupulous and greedy people. These innocent creatures are then displayed in shop windows, oft times purchased on a whim and in a horrifyingly high number of instances, abandoned, neglected or surrendered when the novelty wears off leading to shameful levels of what is euphemestically and wrongfully referred to as euthanasia. This horrendous cycle MUST BE STOPPED!” N – SA

    “From a person who has been involved in rescuing breeding dogs from puppy farms, I have seen first hand the terrible cruelty involved with the housing and neglect of the “breeding dogs” in these so called facilities.It should be the purpose of every person with a sound mind to prevent any form of animal cruelty before it happens.I call for everyone reading this article to please have your say in preventing this puppy mill from getting off the ground and if possible write to the council and watch the public notice section in the Geelong paper for any calls for objection to this puppy farm.Get in touch with the local RSPCA to find out how to fight this.You wouldn’t put a human through this terrible barbaric treatment, why would you put an animal through it?? Would you really buy a puppy, not knowing the flaws in the gene pool that get crossed and consolidated in this type of puppy farming? Would you really buy a puppy from a pet shop knowing that all the puppies come from a place that treats the breeding dogs like an incubation factory? If you would, then you simply don’t deserve to be a pet owner. Every ex breeding dog that I have known to come from a puppy farm has one of or several of these issues… major ear infections, severe joint problems, skin problems, severe matting of fur and chronic flea infestation to name a few.***PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN***” M -Adelaide

    “If you go to the Petrescue website you will see 104 rescue organisations listed in Victoria alone. In NSW the figure is a staggering 274 and this does not include most pounds or large well funded animal rescue groups. I myself have spent the last 10 years of my life rescuing dogs out of pounds with a rescue group and like most of these groups this is entirely on a not for profit and volunteer basis. We are all volunteers in the community trying to soak up just some of the mess left behind by breeding establishments such as the one proposed by Robert Attard.Huge vet bills from poor breeding standards actually means we are going backwards very quickly. Surely it is obvious that it is immoral for breeding establishments ( battery dog farms ) like this to continue.” S – NSW

    “Dogs are companion animals, not stock. It’s time the powers that be shut down these disgusting puppy farms for good. Too many unscrupulous “breeders” sell unhealthy puppies from non-health tested parents. There are too many dogs beautiful dogs being destroyed already.” K

    “If people only knew the consequences that puppy farms have on the dog population they would be
    horrified, i it doesnt matter what breed of dog it is, even the most gentle breeds can end up
    neglected abused and dumped if you have any doubts I would suggest you go visit your local RSPCA
    or animal rescue only then will you see the full damage that puppy farms do. Please say NO to
    Disposable dogs because thats what puppy farming is.”

  2. This is just disgusting. I cant understand how these people wake up in the morning, knowing what they are and the misery they bring to the world

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