Pet shops in the ACT get their puppies from puppy farms, not registered breeders.

Press Release RSPCA ACT

CEO of RSPCA ACT Michael Linke today again urged the Chief Minister to introduce tougher regulations regarding the sale of pets in the ACT.

Pet shops in the ACT get their puppies from puppy farms, not registered breeders.  They get rabbits and kittens in the same way.  It’s a fact.  Last night on the ABC the industry incorrectly stated where pet shops get animals from.  Steve Austin from the Pet Industry Association said “We only buy our dogs from registered breeders that are either pure bred dog breeder or a registered business to breed dogs”.  The code of ethics for all the State branches of the Australian National Kennel Council categorically state that members are forbidden to sell their puppies to any pet shop or retail outlet.

“It concerns me that on one hand we have industry representatives claiming animals are sourced from registered breeders, when the registered breeders association states they do not supply pet shops.

Something is wrong with this industry and something needs to be done about it.  The public is confused, regulation is lax and animals are suffering as a result and RSPCA is picking up the pieces at a tremendous cost.

“Just this week we have three examples of dogs that have been bought over the internet from interstate puppy farms.  All three were surrendered to us in very short time as the owners could not manage their new purchase.  The dogs people often get are unsocialised and not suited to the living circumstances.  People often have a image of what they want in their life, the industry is tapping into this and animals are suffering.  RSPCA prefers owners to meet dogs first, talk to staff about the needs of the animal and ensure the match is perfect.  We see very few returns following an adoption from RSPCA.” Michael concluded.


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