Animal groups call for breeder to register business

Geelong Advertiser; Kerri Anne Hobbs, April 2

AUSTRALIA’S leading animal protection group wants the City of Greater Geelong to force an Anakie dog breeder to register his business.

RSPCA chief executive Maria Mercurio also demanded the council apply the relevant legislation to ensure Robert Adamo’s Demotts Rd property met the basic requirements of other dog breeding establishments.

Animal Liberation Victoria has also weighed into the debate, accusing the council of abandoning the dogs on Mr Adamo’s property.

But the council has denied Mr Adamo needed to register his puppy farm with City Hall because he sold just a few litters a year to cover the cost of feeding his dogs, with up to 50 legally allowed at his home.

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And Mr Adamo said he did not operate a puppy farm because he wouldn’t sell his dogs to a pet shop.

“I would like to see council do their job, particularly in terms of enforcing the Domestic Animals Act,” Ms Mercurio said.

“There is legislation in place and there is a mandatory code of practice and I would like to see council enforce that.”

Ms Mercurio said the RSPCA was powerless to take animals out of puppy farms unless the operators were being cruel by denying animals food, water or shelter.

The council’s statutory planning co-ordinator said officers received a complaint in November last year that Mr Adamo was operating a dog breeding establishment, but the complainant was not able to provide proof of its operations.

“Mr Adamo told us that he was only selling a very small number of puppies per year to cover the cost of the feed for the rest of the dogs,” a council spokesman said.

But an investigation by the Geelong Advertiser has discovered Mr Adamo regularly advertises litters of puppies, some worth up to $6000, via internet-based trading sites and in newspapers.

Mr Adamo said he did not sell “many” puppies and because he didn’t supply pet stores with dogs he could not be classified as a puppy farmer.

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One response to “Animal groups call for breeder to register business

  1. companionanimalnews

    Here are just a few of the comments on the Geelong Advertiser’s comment section. Please go to the website and add your own comments.

    “Until there is proper regulation of this industry, and laws to truly protect the animals they will continue to suffer and suffer they do, in shitloads literally. And it is quite obvious that the City of Lesser Geelong really couldn’t care less. This man probably doesn’t even have names for his 50 dogs let alone giving them any sort of quality of life. If he doesn’t want to be called a Puppy Farmer how about Puppy Abuser.”, Susie NSW

    “ifty dogs and it’s not a business ? How stupid do you have to be to believe that ? Victoria should be ashamed, we are referred to as the ‘Nanny state’ because of all the rules and regs, where are the rules to protect these animals and the 1000s that are euthanised ?” Dianne

    “here else in the state of Victoria can you keep 50 plus dogs, breed and sell puppies all over the
    country and NOT be required to have a permit ??? The City of Greater Geelong Council is
    practicing its own version of planning laws in complete contravention to the rest of
    Victoria. Local Government is a complete and utter joke with animal welfare, the Code of Practice
    and enforcement. How many more examples do you need?. THIS is what will bring down the government at
    the next election.” Lisa

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