High price for freedom

Blacktown Sun;  RODERICK SHAW; 13 Apr, 2010
ROYCE the dog has come home to his Blacktown owner, Jock Coulter, seven weeks after his removal by Blacktown pound. “I’m ecstatic; I just felt elation when told I could take him home,” Mr Coulter said.

 “He’s my best friend; the only one happy to see me every day.”

 Royce, a 13-year-old mastiff-cross, was seized by Blacktown pound officers who said he was a pit bull and therefore a dangerous dog.

 However, Mr Coulter said Royce was not a pit bull, nor had he ever attacked anyone or another animal.

 Blacktown councillor and veterinarian, Russ Dickens, said he had treated the dog for years and had never heard any complaints about him.

 Mr Coulter also said he was told he had to build a backyard enclosure for Royce, which he said cost him a great deal of money.

 But last week he had his dog professionally assessed for its breed.

 “She [the assessor] said Royce was half mastiff and half ridgeback,” he said.

 He said the pound then allowed him to take Royce home and wished them well.

 Mr Coulter said he was happy to have his dog home, but unhappy about what had happened to him.

 “Look at the costs I’ve incurred building that cage in my backyard,” he said.

 “I still don’t know what Royce is supposed to have done.

 “It’s ground me down; I can’t say what it’s done to me.”

 Mr Coulter said he was worried the same thing could happen to another dog owner.

 Cr Dickens has asked Blacktown Council officers for an explanation of the affair.

 The Sun contacted Blacktown Council for comment, but it could not reply in time for publication.

 In the meantime, Mr Coulter is dismantling the cage once meant for Royce.

 “I’ll keep a bit of it for a garden shed,” he said.

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One response to “High price for freedom

  1. companionanimalnews

    Wouldnt you think that Blacktown staff had enough to do with rehoming the hundreds of animals in their pound? We hear lots of stories like this with rescue volunteers desperate to prove a dog is not a pitt bull before the scheduled execution date. Sadly, not all are lucky as Royce.

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