Kittens dumped in appalling condition

Cat Haven media Alert; Date: 22 April 2010

Cat Haven staff are concerned a backyard breeder is responsible for the shocking neglect of Persian kittens being dumped at the shelter.

A litter of Persian kittens and two adult cats in an awful condition were dumped at Cat Haven in Shenton Park overnight in amnesty crates and is the third occurrence in 12 months.

Senior vets at the shelter examined the cats and found them severely infested with ear mites, with chronic cat flu. The cats were also experiencing difficulty breathing.

“This is the third case in less than 12 months that the shelter has received Persians in a shocking condition,” Cat Haven Spokesperson Jessica Reid said.

“We have concerns that it may be a back yard breeder dumping them, rather than seeking the vet care they obviously need.”

“However without any information on where the cats came from, Cat Haven cannot take the matter any further.”
Ms Reid said Cat Haven is hoping to save as many of the kittens and cats as possible.

:The cats will then go into foster care before being rehoused,” she said.

“This is a serious welfare issue and Cat Haven has some important messages for the public.”

-Always buy from a registered breeder

– Don’t arrange to meet the breeder at a location other than their premises,  look at the conditions in which the parents and the kittens are kept. If refused access DONT proceed with the purchase of the kitten if you can’t see the premises

– Pedigree cats from registered breeders should always come with papers-if the breeder cannot supply papers then do not proceed


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