Month in jail for starving dog

The Examiner Newspaper, Tasmania, 29 April 2010

A GEORGE Town man who starved his own dog to death will spend the next month in jail.

He is also banned from owning a domestic animal for the next 10 years.

Sending a strong message that animal cruelty-related offences will be treated seriously by the courts, Magistrate Robert Pearce told 22-year-old Kenneth William Blake his neglect

had been both conscious and ongoing.

RSPCA inspectors discovered terrier-cross Bart’s tethered body curled up in a basket in Blake’s backyard last year.

Blake was unaware he had died.

An autopsy revealed the extremely emaciated animal had been starved for at least the last four months of its life.

“The dog was entirely unable to fend for itself,” Mr Peace told Blake in handing down his sentence in the Launceston Magistrates Court today.

Describing his actions as cruel and uncaring, Mr Pearce said Blake had failed in his duty of care to the animal, which “must have suffered terribly”.

Mr Pearce said the penalties for animal-related offences had been significantly increased because the Government found the community would no longer tolerate such behaviour.

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3 responses to “Month in jail for starving dog

  1. companionanimalnews

    About time! Congratulations to the new team at RSPCA Tas.

    There is also a trial pending for a TAS farmer’s cruelty to his cows that could result in a 2 year jail sentence. Watch out for that story .

  2. Jan

    He should have been put away longer and never been allowed to own a dog again. They are evil people to do that to a poor defenceless animal. why do we have to tolerate these sort of people in our Country. The law has to have harsher penalties, they should not be able to get off so litely.
    Jan Baker.

  3. Annelies

    One month in jail……what a luxury???? Do you really think that will make a big impact on this psychopath I think not. There needs to be harsher penalties in regard to animal cruelty..this is a joke. Three meals a day, a bed everynight. I only hope that there are those in his prison who feel strong sentiments towards animals and those that are cruel to them…..GIVE him a time he will never forget.

    How is the government going to stop him from owning another animal…what processes are in place I’d really like to know….what sort of monitoring????

    I guess its better than a smack on the hand but still….laws need to be stronger in relation to this type of cruelty…..b_____dy sicko.

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