The council that wants to save every animal

SMH; RACHEL BROWNE; June 6, 2010

NOT all pounds are created equal.

Two years ago almost 60 per cent of the animals entering Wyong Shire Council’s facility were put down.

Now the rate is closer to 22 per cent. About a third of those animals are euthanased because they are ill or unsuitable as pets.

The council’s manager of regulation and compliance, Rob Van Hese, is aiming for a zero kill rate within the next 12 months.

”We have a couple of programs in place to reduce the number of animals being put down,” he said.

”We have low-cost, high-volume desexing, so no animal passes through the facility without being desexed.

”We are looking at starting a pet therapy program where we would fund the supply of dogs and cats to people who might be elderly or disabled.”

Blacktown City Council’s pound, which also serves seven other council areas, gets about 8000 animals a year. About a third are euthanased.

The council runs a tender system under which people can bid on unclaimed animals. A spokeswoman said that helped deter commercial breeders.

But a source at the pound said mandatory desexing before animals were released to people offering homes would be more effective.

”Backyard breeders will come in looking for anything which looks purebred and they will bid on it,” the source said. ”They can recoup their costs with one litter. Meanwhile those animals are subjected to a terrible life living in cramped cages and breeding non-stop.”

A council subcommittee will discuss the tender system and mandatory desexing tomorrow night.

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2 responses to “The council that wants to save every animal

  1. Lisa J Ryan

    From my own personal dealings with Wyong council pound, the staff are positive, open and generally proactive in their endeavours to help animals in their facitlity. They go the extra step and the animals benefit. The staff also have a level of pride in what they do and doing it well.

    Blacktown on the other hand is the worst of the worst.

  2. Jan

    tendering system at Blacktown pound will NOT stop these back yard breeders as it says they will out bid any family for these animals as they know they will make a profit…..yes Lisa I agree with you on Blacktown pound it is the worst…..I just hope they make a decision to have mandatory de sexing of these animals as this will stop a lot of back yard breeding… all but it sure will help……Blacktown has to realize with the figures that are coming up that they are doing something wrong……

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