Cat Haven backs launch of cat legislation consultation paper

Press release; Cat Haven, Perth; Date of issue: 8 June 2010

Cat Haven has applauded the development of a proposed cat legislation paper which is being launched for public consultation this Wednesday 9 June at Cat Haven. The shelter hopes the consultation paper will lead to compulsory state sterilisation laws being introduced very soon which will help save the lives of thousands of cats and kittens in WA every year and reduce problems caused by unsterilised cats in the community.

Cat Haven Operations Manager Roz Robinson said Cat Haven had been campaigning for compulsory state sterilisation laws for many years. “The initiative shown by the current government in trying to push these long awaited sterilisation laws through is both encouraging and refreshing and to now be at the stage of having the public consultation paper launched is very exciting,”

Ms Robinson said. “It is estimated that 14 000 cats and kittens are put to sleep in WA every year due to an overpopulation caused by lack of sterilisation. “As a society we really need to be doing a lot more to address this awful situation and compulsory sterilisation laws are definitely a big step in the right direction.”

One of Cat Haven’s original volunteers Val Mitchell said tomorrow’s launch was a very important milestone for the organisation. “I have worked at Cat Haven since it first opened and seen firsthand the detrimental effects that lack of sterilisation brings,” Ms Mitchell said. “Being the largest cat shelter in the state we care for over 8000 unwanted cats and kittens a year so we see problems caused by lack of sterilisation amplified.”

Aside from improving cat welfare in Western Australia Cat Haven believes compulsory sterilisation laws will be a big win for communities and reduce environmental issues.

Media contact: For all media enquiries contact Jessica Reid, Cat Haven Media and Communications Coordinator 0413 105 200 or


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One response to “Cat Haven backs launch of cat legislation consultation paper

  1. Jan Baker

    Congratulations I just hope that all states of Australia will have compulsory sterilisation laws brought in… is the only way we can help a lot of cats becoming ferile thus helping the populating of more cats… is natural for cats & dogs to reproduce they don’t understand the consequences of their reproductive organs… this is why we as humane people have to step in to help stop more cats be born.

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