Death Row Pets

Radio interview Clare Barnes;  Current Affairs from Radio 2SER-FM 107.3; June 19 2010

“Australia has the highest rate of pet ownership in the world.

But more than a quarter of a million cats and dogs are destroyed each year in Australia because there are not enough homes for them.

The numbers have sparked debate about the practices of kitten and puppy farms, and the role of pet shops in creating the oversupply.

The RSPCA is calling for tighter regulation but will not support an outright ban on pet shops.

Clare Barnes spoke with RSPCA Australia’s Scientific Officer, Jade Norris and the founder of Death Row Pets, Paul Archer.

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4 responses to “Death Row Pets

  1. Lisa J Ryan

    The RSPCA do not stipulate who should have tighter regulatory powers/control – them, local councils, who ? Nor do they stipulate who should be doing more enforcement. Neither RSPCA or local councils can enforce effectively as it is with inadequate legislation but more so because of ‘attitude’ and resource issues. While increased legislation is certainly required, if the attitude doesn’t change and the resources are not provided, how will anything change. The RSPCA fence sitting about pet shops I just don’t get. Not saying NO is the same as saying it is OK to source from puppy farms (which they admit happens) and OK to sell non health screened animals. This is irresponsible and reckless. RSPCA need to be better tuned to the critical stakeholders in this big debate and they need to be leading not playing safe politcial games of chess.

  2. companionanimalnews

    If you listen carefully, interviewer Clare Barnes asks RSPCA representative, why won’t the RSPCA call for a ban on sale of animals from pet shops?, and she gives a reply but doesn’t answer the question. Norris’ answer is word for word from q 2008 RSPCA press release:

    “RSPCA withdraws its opposition to the sale of pets in pet shops”

    In a new policy statement adopted 28th October 2008 the RSPCA amended section A2.1 from “The RSPCA is opposed to the sale of animals from pet shops” to the following:

    “RSPCA Australia believes that acquiring a companion animal should be the result of careful planning and a clear understanding of the responsibilities involved. Prospective owners should carefully consider whether they have and will continue to have, the facilities, time, financial means and level of interest necessary to ensure a satisfactory standard of care for their animals”

    The new policy can be read on the National RSPCA web site

    So 2 years on, the wording is well entrenched. People think the RSPCA are fence sitting – what do you think??

  3. Lisa J Ryan

    We all agree that pets need to purchased with thought, care and planning. This does not equate to purchsing on impulse, an updated mobile phone from a retail shop in a high traffic retail outlet with smooth talking sales staff. Sooooo in other words, what the rest of the ‘real’ world says with conviction is don’t purchase from pet stores and why. RSPCA are fence sitting and while I support in full the puppy farm campaign and understand how mainstream Australia will hear that message from RSPCA through their funded media campaigns, before they hear it from anyone else, RSPCA need to speak with conviction and guide maintream Australia in plain english. We all know that RSPCA operate quite differently from state to state however the policy is Australia wide and a strong stand against pet shops needs to be Australia wide and I still don’t get why they are so afraid to come out and say just that.

  4. Jan

    why does the RSPCA have double standards here….yes they are bench sitting! they have opened a care centre in Rouse Hill NSW which is very much like a pet shop….i think they want to open more of these centres so they will not go all the way saying not to buy an animal from a pet shop…i am all for helping an animal get a home, but these big organisations should be more committed……mandatory de sexing from pounds will help lower animals being exploited by these puppy farmers…but more red tape or councillors that know nothing or don’t care about animals, is stopping some councils from doing this, Blacktown for one…if dogs & cats are de sexed then this will cut down on puppy farmers being able to buy from pounds to get their victims so they can sell to pet shops & to buyers who only want to have a dog or cat to love…i have asked in pet shops where they get their dogs from, they tell me from registered breeders but will NOT tell me who….so when the RSPCA says when you buy a dog from a pet shop ask what breeder do they come from….i am sure they will not give out that information!! why can’t all these people work together to try & make a difference for the animals…not to feather their own nests…

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