The breeding of Oodles (Spoodles, Schnoodles, Labradoodles, anything crossed with a Poodle) is big business these days.

Wed, 23 Jun 2010—inside-NZs-puppy-farms/tabid/371/articleID/162135/Default.aspx

viewers comments:

“I have a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who was rescued from a “puppy farm” on the Gold Coast Hinterland (QLD, Australia). Thank goodness my little girl survived well enough after major surgeries to be re-homed .. her sister did not survive. “Puppy farms” need to be closed world wide. Any puppy in a pet shop’s window is from a puppy farm .. they do not come with pedigree papers. Be aware people!!”

“Shame on this designer practice, so many lovable cats and dogs of every possible breed waiting in shelters for their forever homes, so many just dont make it through, these idiots need to spend time in a shelter, better still one of these horrific puppy mills.”

“I find it impossible to believe the pet shop owner could be that naive and ignorant of the industry she works in. She turns a blind eye because of the $$$$$

I myself have a pedigree poodle, and at $1000 he came with papers and even certifications that he was free of certain hereditary diseases.

This is not to say that designer dogs aren’t adorable and equally as worthy of a great home… it is just unfortunate that they are bred by people with no concern other than making a quick buck. Buying these dogs you are supporting this conveyer belt like breeding to meet demand.

If you want a cross breed, go to the pound – here you will find all your oodles when they are disposed of, often within days or weeks of their purchase :(“


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One response to “The breeding of Oodles (Spoodles, Schnoodles, Labradoodles, anything crossed with a Poodle) is big business these days.

  1. Jan Baker

    Please don’t support puppy farms…do not buy puppies from pet shops…they are in the same trade as the puppy farmers they are exploiting these dogs to make money & sell them to anyone who will buy them…..these oodles are x breeds their mothers have no immune system as they get fed rubbish so this fall onto the puppy who will have a lot of health issues….these puppy farms should be closed down by the government….but i am sure there are people in high places who are making money …so why would they want to close them… are all a bunch of money making morons who have no concern for the welfare of these animals……we need strong support from RSPCA, AWL, councils & welfare groups to bring in a strong law so they can visit these farms & close them down on the spot….

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