Claims of dog cruelty at Meredith property

Geelong Advertiser, Kerri-Ann Hobbs; July 2nd, 2010

A dog heavily chained in terrible conditions at a Meredith property.

THIS tiny dog is just one of about 25 that spends its days shackled or caged on a Meredith property.

See more photos from inside the puppy farm. Click here (WARNING: Contains graphic images)

It is claimed that one dog has already died in the cold pens in the past week, but authorities refuse to act because they have decided the owner is not a commercial breeder.

Yet she is a member and registered breeder of an independent dog group the Mini Foxie Club of Australia.

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Animal Liberation Victoria conducted a late-night raid on the farm earlier this week, claiming dogs were kept in filthy, freezing conditions.

“We did temperature checks throughout the inspection and it was minus two degrees,” ALV’s Debra Tranter said.

“Dogs have no bedding and are kept on putrid wet freezing concrete floors inside a shed.

“It hasn’t been cleaned for some time as most pen floors were covered in faeces and a lot of dogs did not have water.

“We found four dogs chained up to kennels outside the sheds and to get to these dogs was extremely difficult as there was no gate or path leading to them.

“They are tiny dogs with heavy, thick chains.

“They were hidden behind the shed and we are at a loss as to how the owner would access these dogs in order to feed and water them.”

Ms Tranter alerted the RSPCA and Golden Plains Shire to the dogs’ plight, urging them to inspect the property.

The next day the authorities visited the farm and RSPCA inspectors have told the owner to fix conditions to give her dogs clean, dry, safe pens in which to live.

“We do have some concerns about the welfare of the dogs and inspectors are working with the owner to rectify that situation,” RSPCA inspector manager Greg Boland told the Geelong Advertiser.

“She told inspectors she is only breeding one litter of pups per year, and on the evidence that’s about right.”

In an email to Ms Tranter, one RSPCA inspector confirmed the property was “maintained in a poor hygienic condition” but all dogs had water despite being kept in conditions that were “far from ideal”.

“We will closely monitor the property and we intend to visit again next week,” he advised Ms Tranter.

“We will also periodically check in the coming months.”

Golden Plains Shire media officer Felicity Bolitho confirmed the visit to the property on Tuesday but said rangers were not worried about the animals.

“The visit found all dogs on the property are registered with council and conditions are fine,” she said.

“There was no evidence to suggest that the property was a breeding/puppy farm.”

The property is just one of four to come to the attention of authorities in the region in the past four months.

In February, Beremboke puppy farmers Les and Melinda Paxton were forced to close their dog breeding business down after the Geelong Advertiser revealed the horror conditions on their property north of Anakie.

Weeks later, City of Greater Geelong and RSPCA inspectors were called to investigate an alleged puppy farm at Anakie on a property owned by Robert Adamo. Those investigations continue.

And later this month, Moorabool Shire Council will decide whether to issue a building permit to a Melbourne puppy farm who wants to expand his business to keep more than 100 breeding bitches at a Ballan property. Attempts to contact the Meredith breeder last night failed.

Access original puppy farm story here.



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6 responses to “Claims of dog cruelty at Meredith property

  1. Jan

    What is wrong with the authorities in this situation…she might not be a puppy farm but she is keeping dogs in appauling conditions….why can’t the RSPCA & Authorities close this person’s kennels down….just because they have water (sometimes) then that’s o.k….what a lot of RUBBISH!!close her down & take away her dogs….she is a cruel person to keep these little dogs in these conditions…they are abused & neglected…..for God’s sake in this case the Dog’s sake don’t let her have these animals living in these conditions….i think the law is too easy!!these people know it & they get away with it…..get them where it hurts in the pocket…..charge them with cruelty…those conditions are heart breaking to see…..any decent person who know that keeping an animal in those pokey cold wet conditions is cruel…she is NOT decent…she is a inhumane person…..rescue these dogs & fine her…..

    • Jan BAKER

      Also why give this person another chance……if she is a so called breeder then she should know how to treat her dogs……obviously she is one of the lower class breeders who should have their licence taken away…..don’t give her a second chance, she doesn’t deserve that……give these dogs a second chance taken them away please!!

  2. Annelies Craig

    Why am I not surprised that the relevant authorities are not coming down strongly and this so called lowlife. Told to clean up her act….ha…as if that is going to make a difference. No wonder I don’t have faith in certain societies, their terms of animal cruelty and mine completely differ. Whilst these so called authorities just give people a smack on the hand nothing will ever change for those who unfortunately cannot fend for themselves…what a joke.

  3. careful

    this lady is very elderly and is in over her head,she is on her own and to proud to ask for help.In this case I think she will do her best to do as suggested.I would like to think the animal liberation group could help her out and show her a better way.

  4. Debra Tranter

    Just a quick comment as we have so much to do at moment.
    A team of 26 people went to the property Saturday morning, we spent 3 hours scrubbing and cleaning the shed where the dogs live 24/7. We brought with us dogs beds, blankets, dog coats and all cleaning equipment. We were able to negotiate the surrender of 11 dogs, one was euthanised this morning. All of the dogs require vet treatment and 3 require surgery for mammary tumors.

    The woman is what I would call a back yard breeder with 3 litters of puppies on site at the moment
    Basically I asked the community for help and they responded when all authorities refused to help.
    We did their job for them. Photos of the day can be viewed here

    we are still working with the owner to try and get more dogs surrendered. This is a situation where the owner is to old to keep so many animals and she is just unable to care for them adequately.
    If Council were doing regular inspections they would of picked this up and should of provided guidance and not only helped these animals but the elderly owner too, after all Council are happy to sit back and collect her rates and dog registrations.

  5. Ray

    Don’t hesitate, take action against this person without missing a beat! Animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

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