Dog dumping despair: RSPCA targets puppy farms

Whithorse Leader; 20 JUL 10 : PM BY JAMES DOWLING

DEVASTATED shelter staff are accepting up to 20 dumped dogs a day at the RSPCA’s Burwood shelter, prompting a call for a crackdown on “puppy factories”.

Shelter supervisor Katrina Webb said this winter, in particular, had seen an increase in unwanted pooches that owners would no longer care for.

Should puppy factories be closed down? Tell us below.

“It often happens in winter, owners don’t want to walk dogs because it is too cold and then the dog barks constantly because it isn’t getting walked,” Ms Webb said.

“We are having more dogs surrendered this year and the kitten season almost seems like it is year-round. We have about 20 dogs surrendered on a bad day.”

She said people moving home was another reason given for the dumping of dogs. The RSPCA can only keep the dogs for 36 days and they would be destroyed if not adopted.

The RSPCA hopes to cut the tragic toll off at the source, targeting “puppy factories” that mass-produce dogs for pets stores.

Ms Webb said mothers at puppy farms were forced to breed their entire life and were rarely vaccinated.

“These are the dogs that might have behavioral problems or diseases passed on by the mother.” She said puppies should be bought from registered breeders or shelters to avoid puppy farm dogs.

To increase its opposition, the RSPCA has launched

Should puppy factories be closed down? Tell us below.

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One response to “Dog dumping despair: RSPCA targets puppy farms

  1. Jan Baker

    Yes they should be closed down permanently!Never to be allowed to open again…but first we have to stop these people getting the dogs in the first place, we have to start somewhere…make Councils have mandatory de sexing in their pounds so as to stop some of these back yard breeders from buying dogs to breed with….then we can start from there….publicise just what is going on in these horrible places & where the puppies come from that are being sold in pet shops….close pet shops….Councils, RSPCA,Rescues & all Animal organizations work together….don’t pass the buck….we all have one thing in common & that is these animals…..fine these back yard breeders, take away these poor mothers that are just born to breed…these people should NOT be allowed to run a business like this at the expense of these poor animals. ..the animals don’t have any rights…..we have to have harsher penalties to let these back yard breeders know they will not get away with treating these animals so unhumanely…..we are these animals voices, let’s speak for them. We can do something.

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