Puppy Farms

Dogs Life Magazine,  Caroline Zambrano; May 2004 Farming Puppies 

The term “puppy farm” conjures up a lot of negative feelings. Caroline Zambrano investigates these ‘farms’ with some very interesting findings.  

NOTE: Some information in this story may upset some readersFor animal welfare organisations and supporters, the words ‘puppy farm’ bring to mind breeding facilities housing hundreds of dogs in dirty conditions and horrific scenes that would make any animal lover cry. Learmonth Puppy Farm in Victoria shut down in July for these reasons.

However, puppy farmers feel angry that farms that have been shut down for violating animal welfare laws give professional and honest ones a bad name, portraying them as the “devil in disguise”.

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    Whilst this article was written in 2004, we feel it is a good article to share now whilst so many other articles on this subject are currentlybeing written.

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