MEDIA RELEASE; the GREENS, South Australia

 Veterinarian and Greens candidate for Grey, Dr Andrew Melville-Smith has called for an end to the intensive breeding of dogs in so-called ‘puppy factories’ which he describes as cruel and inhumane.

 “I cannot understand how some operators can keep dogs in tiny pens for their entire lives and keep breeding them until they die from exhaustion, and think that’s an ok way to make a profit,” he says. “I support the RSPCA entirely in calling for puppy factories to be closed.”

 “Generally the puppies are sold wholesale to pet shops so buyers generally have no idea that their cute puppy was produced in the most appalling conditions,” says Dr Melville-Smith.

  “Dogs used for breeding purposes in these places receive only the necessities to keep them alive. They miss out on the normal opportunities to socialise with other dogs or people. It is not unusual for breeding dogs to be mated at every heat, with no break to allow their bodies to recover from the stress of pregnancy.

 “The need for puppy factory operators to make a profit over-rides the dogs’ welfare. As a vet I often see the results when people come across puppies in pet shops and buy them on impulse without thinking about the ongoing costs of vaccination, desexing and treatment,” Dr. Melville-Smith says.

“Once they’ve stopped being an adorable ball of fluff these animals are often abandoned and end up in the local council pound awaiting destruction.  If they are lucky, the RSPCA or other welfare centres will rescue them and may find a new home. Even so, many will end up being euthanized.”

 The RSPCA advises people looking to buy a dog to find reputable breeders through the kennel associations in each state such as Dogs SA. And unlike puppies produced in puppy factories, the breeders registered with Dogs SA will be happy for potential buyers to view the puppy’s parents.

 The RSPCA warns that some puppy factory operators call themselves registered breeders when they are in fact only registered businesses and are not associated with any reputable kennel or breeding association.

 “It is unthinkable that a civilised society like ours would condone this treatment of dogs, being penned up for life and bred until they are exhausted when they are often put down,” Dr Melville-Smith says.

 “If you are looking for a dog or cat, make a difference, don’t pay someone to breed an animal for you, adopt a orphan from an animal shelter, like the RSPCA.”]


For further information contact  Dr Melville-Smith: 0429 094 798


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  1. Heather Harrison

    Please be assured there are thousands of us who want these puppy farms closed for good. There are many rescue organisations, like SA Dog Rescue, and their followers, who are outraged by the treatment of these poor creatures. We must all act on this as a matter of urgency, by voicing our strong disapproval at the inhumane, callous and vile conditions these poor little souls are kept, and demanding immediate closure of each and every one of them. They have NO voice. We must stand up for them.

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