Bid to end doggies in the window

Stateline Queensland; July 30 2010

Francene Norton reports on a teenager who is trying to stop the sale of puppies and kittens in stores.

JOHN TAYLOR: The RSPCA estimates more than 30,000 unwanted pets are euthanized in Queensland each year. And as warming temperatures blur the line between the seasons, breeding of cats in particular is getting out of control. Francene Norton reports on a teenager’s campaign to stop the sale of companion animals from pet shops.

Watch video here….

FRANCENE NORTON: Maisie Ball has always had a love of animals. But on a recent trip to a local pet shop she spotted a dog that resembled her own pet Sookie cooped up in a cage. It spurred her into action.



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2 responses to “Bid to end doggies in the window

  1. Annelies Craig

    Well done Maisie, am right behind you.

  2. Jan Baker

    What a great little girl….go Maisie…you will have a lot of people supporting you….again I say Mandatory de sexing in Council Pounds so as to cut down on unwanted dogs & cats… sexing is the only way to stop the breeding cycle then we stop animals being euthanased because they are not wanted….we have caring people…but we also have non caring people out there…..Councils have to take responsibility for the animals in their pounds… shops are getting the animals from the back yard breeders who could be getting some of their breeding dogs from the pounds…..Mandatory de sexing will stop a lot of these back yard breeders finding their victims in council pounds.

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