Cute images belie reality of exploitation

Unsuspecting new dog owners are buying into a hidden industry of puppy farms, SARINA TALIP writes. Canberra Times, 21 August 2010.

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2 responses to “Cute images belie reality of exploitation

  1. Jan Baker

    Organisations like the RSPCA should have more authority to help stop these puppy farms….the Government should have a law that allows RSPCA to intervene & be able to make decisions to close down puppy farms if they can see animals suffering…. These greedy people are just making money out of the suffering of these poor bitches who would rather be dead that live the life they are living…..people in high places to not see what is going on in these puppy mills …not like the humane people that are trying to help these animals……let them come to see just what is going on……show the public….shock the public into seeing where pet shops get their puppies from….we are too easy on the public we do not want to upset them or show horrible things that are really happening…..we are just showing them the edge of these horrible places……the public has to see it, then maybe then they might realise that these puppy mills should be shut down…..the public see the puppy in the window but have no idea where they come from…..let’s show them!

  2. Lisa J Ryan

    Good article and support Jan’s comments. There is no justification for the factory farming of dogs, however, please do not dump all breeders into the same dirty water and please politicians think beyond your own local patch. This is a national issue.

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