Article from the Tasmanian Times.

Note: The AGM is set for October 30, and the advertisement calls for nominations to fill no less than SIX places on the so-called ‘good, stable Board’. Some questions need answers.
Press Release; Pat Gillespie 06.08.10

Pat Gillespie, a retired journalist sat on the Queensland Board of the RSPCA and won a number of awards including Honorary Life Membership for her work in animal welfare.

She is a former Tasmanian Board member and RSPCA whistleblower.

Ms Gillespie was kicked out of the Tasmanian RSPCA after going public last year over her concerns regarding the Society’s spending.

She objected to what she saw as too many administrative staff and enforced confidentiality of Board members.

“I’m disappointed that the new regime of the RSPCA has is going down the same path and is reacting to Ms Cass’s concerns by using the high-handed approach of kicking her out,” she said.

“Sadly it seems to have to deteriorated to the level of personal vitriol.

“But it has to be remembered that only three Board members remain of the new Board appointed after the AGM in September.

“I’m not a malcontent but I am concerned about the direction the Society is now taking and hoped it would be different.

“The new Board reinstated my membership but will I now be kicked out again for speaking out?

“I have spoken to Mr Linke but he has not allayed my concerns about the new number of the society’s administrative-style vacancies and the newly introduced confidentiality.

“Mr Linke told me staff could earn big dollars for the Society without “petting a dog” so I think the Society needs to rethink its core values and strategies.

“It is a charity for animals, not humans
“And Tasmanian values and needs regarding the RSPCA is much different from the ACT from where Mr Linke comes.”


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  1. Plough man

    To understand what is going on google “stanford prison experiment” – a small group with significant unsupervised power goes rogue. Then google “ashe conformity experiments” to see how the others will follow. Anyone who looks at what is happening will be expelled – it is an unpleasant truth.

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