Boycott the puppy mills

Weekend Australian; Phillip Adams; 28 October 2010

The factory farming of cattle, pigs and chooks – of the majority sold for food in Australia – has become a national scandal……….

………But there’s another product of factory farming. Puppies. Most of the poor little buggers you see in shop windows…. read below:

Phillip Adams on puppy farms and pet shops



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8 responses to “Boycott the puppy mills

  1. Lisa J Ryan

    Very good piece and particularly the reference to some vets.

  2. Jan Baker

    Yes Mr Adams you have hit the nail on the head….people who know about these puppy mills that is including Vets should hang their heads in shame…..these horrible places should all be shut down…..but WHO is going to do it…..the law is a joke it does not seem to think that these puppy mills are much to worry about… is a money making business & there are a lot of people in the veterinary & dog food industries who are making a lot of money out of the suffering of these poor breeding bitches!!

  3. Helen

    This stance against this cruel money, making industry is so long overdue. I hope that those with the power to change the laws are watching, they will see that community attitudes have change…..people are aware of where those cute fluffy puppies in pet shop windows come from and they will not tolerate it any longer.

  4. ROB

    Hallelujah! Someone with some clout has spoken out against this abhorent ‘trade’ called puppy farming.

  5. E.J.Cooper

    Good on Philip Adams and Derryn Hinch for speaking out against puppy farms and I for one would like to thank them.
    Derryn Hinch will one of the speakers at the rally in Melbourne on September 19th and everyone who has any interest in the welfare of dogs should make an effort to attend.

  6. Ian Forbes

    The Puppy Farm Rally will be held on the steps of Parliament House at 12 noon on Sunday 19th September. The speakers will be Derryn Hinch, Moira Rayner and Debra Tranter. This is a very important rally and will send the strongest message yet that this industry will no longer be tolerated. Make an effort to be there.

  7. Katherine

    If people only knew the true horror and misery of puppy farms and the conditions the dogs live in, they would be up shocked. Dogs in cages in shocking conditions, sometimes bred to death and if they do survive beyond their breeding years they usually end up in a pound. It is outrageous that puppy farms are allowed to continue to treat animals in this way, totally for profit. I am asking anyone with any decency to look further into this cruel industry, you will be shocked at what you find. It is going on right here in Victoria, right now and everything possible needs to be done to see that it is stopped. I will certainly be at the rally.

  8. Zoe

    Join the campaign now against puppy factories – it’s gaining momentum
    Check out

    Huge rally in Melbourne yesterday – approx 4000 people.

    Please promote Oscar’s Law through your blog – calling for
    1) abolition of puppy factories
    2) ban the sale of companion animals in pet shops and online
    3) introduce a real program of responsible companion animal guardianship.

    Maintain the rage, join us, and this fight can be won!

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