Osman Arab is a registered dog breeder near Smythesdale. But how do you tell the difference between illegal puppy farms and reputable breeders?

ABC News; Sept 21, 2010

Osman Arab is a registered dog breeder near Smythesdale. But how do you tell the difference between illegal puppy farms and reputable breeders?

Puppy farms have come back into the spotlight in recent days following an anti-puppy farm rally in Melbourne on the weekend and the State Opposition’s pledge to act on illegal operators.

Osman Arab breeds German Shepherds and Dobermans west of Ballarat and has around 10 dogs on his property at any one time.

Many of his puppies are trained and sold as law enforcement or security dogs.

As a registered breeder with Dogs Victoria he says he breeds for quality, not quantity.

“If the female doesn’t produce for me the quality pups that I want, she’s not worth to be bred again. So we can de-sex her and sell her as a pet or if she’s trained, like Keira she will go hopefully to a security company or law enforcement company.”

Osman says the line of breeding is important to ensure the dog has a good temperament and trainability.

His dogs are kept in 12 metre long exercise yards during the day and in an insulated shed at night.

Unlike many puppy farms, he says he will not breed his dogs more than once a year.

Osman says the concept of puppy farms and backyard breeding disappoints him.

“A lot of backyard breeders, they sell dogs that they don’t even know who is the parents of them. They’ve just got two puppies, breed them and they start selling them. That’s not far away from a puppy farm. It’s exactly the same.”

A puppy farm at Beremboke was exposed and shut down earlier this year following an investigation by Animal Liberation.

More than 30 dogs had been neglected and were caged without adequate food, water and shelter.

RSPCA Victoria CEO Maria Mercurio says reputable breeders will not breed in large numbers simply for profits.

“A reputable breeder will not be breeding on a massive scale.

“Puppy farms are like factories, they are factories, churning out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of puppies.”

She says there when visiting a reputable breeder, there will be plenty of evidence that the dogs are well looked after, exercised and socialised.

“A registered and reputable breeder will always be open and transparent in terms of the parentage of that dog, they’ll be more than willing to show the prospective buyer the facilities where these dogs are kept and bred.

“A reputable breeder will always want to attempt to ensure there’s a good match between the puppy and the prospective home.

The RSPCA recommends that people looking for a specific type of puppy should contact dogs Victoria for a list of reputable breeders.

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2 responses to “Osman Arab is a registered dog breeder near Smythesdale. But how do you tell the difference between illegal puppy farms and reputable breeders?

  1. Jan Baker

    Yes there is a difference with puppy farms & reputable breeders, a good reputable breeder has ethics which he abides by & therefore produces good well adjusted & healthy puppies. A puppy farmer produces puppies to make money from & doesn’t care about the health or temperment of these puppies…..which will go to the public who will not be aware of how or where these puppies come from…..it is a money making racket…..registered back yard breeders are also aware of how they produce their puppies…..they will be bound by the law of Dogs NSW on how many puppies they can have each year, so you know you are getting quality & not quantity….purchasing a puppy from a pet shop you should be able to see where these puppies come from, but the pet shop won’t tell you this, as they come from puppy farms which churn out puppies like having them on a conveyer belt….then the bitch is no longer needed….these people do not abide by the law they don’t care…..the law has to be for all breeders…..puppy farmers have to answer to higher Authorities….Dogs NSW, State Government, Council Regulations, RSPCA inspections…..then shut them down anyway…..inhumane people making a big profit out of the suffering of these breeding bitches….Mandatory desexing in every pound the same as Rescues & AWl & RSPCA…..it is a big start!!

  2. Sergio

    He says a lot. I bought a dog from this person
    Promised that paper work for my dog will be in mail in a month info on her parent and her pedigree papers, the whole thing, and like a fool I trusted him and all I been getting is a run around I got her at 4 months she is now 17 months old and and still got nothing, but hey he got his $1500 so he doesn’t give a shit.

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