Vets glad to see the end of gas chambers

Whyalla News; 22 September 2010
Despite Whyalla City Council maintaining that gassing was a humane procedure, vets have disagreed. 

Local vet Andrew Melville-Smith received several letters, facebook comments, and even a poem on the use of carbon monoxide to gas animals.

“I find it incomprehensible that a council in Australia is euthanising stray animals using a gas chamber,” a vet from outside Whyalla wrote to Dr Melville Smith.

“Did people think using a gas chamber to kill people was acceptable in history, no – why would we accept this method of euthanasia for our animals?

“There are a number of veterinarians in Whyalla – the council should use them to euthanise stray animals.”

A vet student named Lisa who commented on the facebook site said in an animal science study she had to watch a video showing mice being euthanised by gas.

She said the mice had its heart and brain monitored that showed the brain function for more than 10 minutes of the video.

“Although there was no heart beat for a few minutes, there was still a certain amount of brain function still occurring 10 minutes after the process starts,” she said.

Another vet said where she was from gas boxes were only used for feral cats.

Local vet Mustafa Bozkurt said gassing was “an outdated form of euthanasia”.

“There are better ways of doing it now, yes,” he said.

“(Gassing) is not a painful way to be put to sleep but it does take a couple of minutes.”

Dr Bozkurt said the lethal injection worked instantly.

However the injection did come with its implications.

Dr Bozkurt said aggressive dogs are hard to restrain therefore a dog sometimes has to be muzzled or pre-sedated with tablets.

“It’s not always as clean cut as it sounds,” he said.

But he said the 10 per cent increase on registration fees as a result of the euthanising change was worth it.

“I think the general public would rather pay an extra $5 than find out an animal has been gassed,” he said.

Mr Bozkurt said people also had a misconception about animals just being “dumped” at landfill once gassed.

He said the animals are actually buried next to landfill.

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One response to “Vets glad to see the end of gas chambers

  1. companionanimalnews

    Is this Dr Bozkurt for real? How about that extra $5 going for saving lives through better rehoming strategies instead of more killing?

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