Enjoy your holidays, Blacktown Pound is FULL!

Blacktown Advocate; Write the news!; Ian Ross, Sept 30 2010

I’d like to draw attention to a regular occurrence many people would not know about, but of which they should be aware. You may know that we are now in the midst of school holidays – notice the kids everywhere, on the streets and in shopping centres?

Perhaps you’ve noticed too that traffic is a lot lighter and flowing much better?

At the local council pounds you would know that school holidays are coming some time before they actually arrive. The dogs start trickling in – more strays, more surrendered dogs, as some people relinquish themselves of their responsibilities and abandon their pets. (Well, after all, they can always get another one when they come back from holidays, can’t they?)

Sadly, many old and infirm dogs are abandoned. To those who would do this to an old faithful family pet, I hope you get what you deserve in your in your old age.

Blacktown Pound, for example, has had an increase of 50% more dogs in the past few weeks. Whereas Blacktown Pound has lately been holding re-homeable dogs beyond their statutory holding periods while there was kennel space available, they will no longer be able to do that when kennel space is at a premium. Many, mostly young, friendly, loveable dogs, who so much want to live, will eventually have to be killed to make room for others.

This places great stress on those who work at the pound and the legions of rescuers who mop up after the uncaring, irresponsible owners in our community.

Since most dogs in Blacktown Pound come from Blacktown itself, this is a huge community problem. If you happen to live next door to one of these people who will gladly discard their pet so that they are free to go off and enjoy their holidays, would you mind giving them a piece of your mind?

If YOU happen to be one who would do this, just ask yourself, what are you teaching your children? What do you think your dog (or cat) experiences being unwanted, abandoned? Do you realize that dogs experience fear and trauma much the same as you or I? Do you care? If you don’t, PLEASE do not get another pet, ever!

If you plan to go on holidays over Christmas, please think and arrange care for your pet well in advance. Did you know there are many pet-friendly holiday places where you can take your pets with you? Christmas – the Season to be Jolly? For some maybe, not so for many others.

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2 responses to “Enjoy your holidays, Blacktown Pound is FULL!

  1. companionanimalnews

    Readers comments:

    “An outstanding and very well written article that is one hundred percent the truth, even though some people may not like admitting it. I wholeheartedly agree with everything said.

    I have been taking elderly dogs into my home for over 20 years, my heart my home and my life is full. There are many benefits to elderly dogs and I encourage all of you to choose one of those when next entering the pound. It is not their fault that they are in there, yes their owners have turned their back on them but please do not do this yourself. I am a big believer in karma, and am ashamed to be part of a race that thinks it’s ok to toss a pet away like they are no more then a broken down toy. If you can afford a holiday you can afford to put your furry family member into a boarding kennel while you are away, if not then you shouldn’t be going. But to stop this circle we need to never buy a dog from a pet shop or back yard breeder and we need to desex.”

    “I also rescue dogs, mostly German Shepherds from various pounds, including Blacktown where, as you can see, they are suffering the same problem that all pounds do around holiday times. People must realise that a dog is a 10 to 15 year responsibility and if they are not prepared to take that on, then simply don’t get a dog. Again the main problem is the amount of unwanted dogs in society and the government needs to take responsibility and legislate to make it compulsory for all dogs (from a date in the future) to be desexed, the exception being, of course, of those who are registered breeders and even these breeders need to have ongoing inspections by council or the RSPCA to ensure that they are responsible breeders – that would get rid of these puppy mills and the backyard breeders who think that it would be nice to let their dog breed without any thouht of how the puppies will eventually end up. Even if we decrease by 20% the amount of unwanted pets, that will be 20% that the pound staff are saved the trauma of having to put down, these heathy, loving and wonderful dogs that only want to give their owners unconditional love.”

    “To the Author of this story, let me say *thank you* it is about time someone in the media showed these people up for the irrisponsible, selfish critters they are. They don’t care about their animals, they mean nothing to them, if they did this would not happen.Blacktown is not the only place where this occures, but Blacktown pound is the largest pound and unfortunately kills many healthy animals that people dump.Perhaps the shock method of making them hold their animal while it is killed and watch the life drain out of the poor soul, might make some of them think again…then maybe not, some people have no compassion for animals. We as Rescue save very little compared to the amount that die, when people are made to stop breeding dogs and low cost desexing is available to all, then perhaps the flow might decrease… when there is no profit in breeding cross breed, so called designer dogs, then perhaps it may help also…. but whilst ever greed and no compassion for animals exists there will always be this problem….. God help the animals when Christmas time comes then you will really see the dumping start. I hope Karma works”

    “You people who have dumped your responsibilities onto the pound should be ashamed of yourselves….people who do not take responsibility of owning a dog or cat, why do you have them….I have spent time at the pound & it is so depressing to see these beautiful dogs & cats that just want love & affection, but because of some people in our community they probably will never get to enjoy that pleasure…..they don’t ask for much…and because of some people they don’t get much! Please DON’T own a dog or cat…..as you don’t know how to give love like these animals do…..you should have fish, as they are cold blooded & that should suit you irresponsible people down to the ground!”

    “I rescue dogs from Blacktown Pound from time to time. The majority of the dogs impounded at Blacktown are lovely dogs, who, through no fault of their own find themselves in a Pound, terrified, not knowing what is going to happen to them next and wondering when their owner is going to come for them. Some owners do come forward and claim their much loved pets a lot don’t. The job of finding them new homes is left to pound staff, the rescue community and members of the public who find them advertised on website’s etc. The stress for these dogs is enormous, it is also extremley stressful for the volunteer’s and kennel hands who work hard trying to keep them calm and happy, cleaning up the ones who come in filthy, sick and emaciated while they wait for a new home, rescue or the final trip to the kill shed.”

  2. Janet

    I would like to add that Blacktown Council and the Mayor in particular need to acknowledge that they are complicit in the killing of the many healthy adoptable dogs in Blacktown Pound. Blood is on your hands, because you refuse to be pro-active and provide the pound and the community with what it needs to eventually make this pound a no-kill pound, which is achievable with the right systems in place. For a start, mandatory low-cost desexing will decrease the number of unwanted animals in the community.
    If you can’t see your way to making it mandatory, then at least fund low-cost desexing to start with. All animals should be desexed before leaving the Pound. The pound needs more funding – two full time staff to care for 200 dogs in unacceptable. The Council has a surplus if 2 million dollars – how about using some of the funds for the pound?? This has been promised for many years, and never followed through.
    The pound also operates with too much secrecy regarding how and when animals are killed. This needs to be out in the open. Taxpayers have a right to know exactly what is happening in the pound. There must be more effort to re-home the dogs – this means publicising their information on websites, newspapers, radio, etc. Allow more volunteers to work with the Pound and to actively try to re-home the animals. This Pound is becoming well known for all the wrong reasons. I do not live in NSW and many of us, even in other States, have heard of what is happening there. Shame on the Council for allowing this disgraceful situation to continue. You have the ability to change things – act now and show some compassion for these animals.

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