Death row dog in jail break from council pound is still on the run

Courier Mail; Jeremy Pierce, Sept 30 2010

A ONE-eyed Jack Russell Terrier who escaped from death row at a northern NSW animal pound remains a fugitive on the run.

Kyber, a tan-coloured six-year-old Jack Russell cross, was involved in a daring ‘jail break’ from Casino’s Richmond Valley Pound on Sunday night, just days before he was set to be put down.

Staff arrived at the pound on Monday morning to find a hole in the wall of Kyber’s enclosure and the plucky and lucky pooch nowhere to be seen.

No other animals were taken.

Kyber’s microchip details have since been added to a stolen dogs database and police are investigating.

Already several unconfirmed sightings have been made to police.

Kyber, who has a lengthy rap sheet of felonies including being unregistered and regularly roaming the streets, found himself on death row after his owners did not pay fines and release fees to the pound, now totalling more than $400.

A spokesman for Richmond Valley Council this afternoon called on Kyber to hand himself in to police amid calls for the crafty canine to be spared the death sentence.

Some Courier-Mail online readers have already pledged to adopt Kyber, a process which would still involve the payment of release fees.

However, the council spokesman said the council would consider handing Kyber over to the Lismore-based animal adoption agency Animal Rights and Rescue, at no cost, to help find him a new home


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