Call for stringent dog breeding regulations

Northside Chronicle, Naomi Fallon, 5 Oct 2010

THE RSPCA  has called for more stringent government regulations for dog breeders, so as to eliminate the existence of puppy farms. RSPCA ACT chief executive officer Michael Linke said puppy farms were a serious concern.

“Without a doubt we are seeing more and more poorly bred dogs coming in from a range of sources,” he said.

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Companionanimalnews note: this is the RSPCA ACT



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6 responses to “Call for stringent dog breeding regulations

  1. Jan Baker

    The Government has to bring in laws that protect dogs from being exploited by puppy farmers & unregistered back yard breeders….these puppy farms have to be found & closed. There are unhealthy conditions that these poor bitches have to be in to produce puppies over & over to make money for these puppy farmers. Some own pet shops as well & their puppy farms. It all comes down to money, but these dogs are suffering & as a humane society we have to protect these dogs from the likes of people who do not care about the abuse or how these dogs are living as long as they make money. Hit them in their pockets fine them, close them down! It is the only way that it will stop dogs being born with problems, being dumped as a result, then it is the RSPCA, Rescues & pounds that have to look after these dogs that nobody wants!!

  2. selwyn marock

    I agree,Rid the planet of 1) Puppy Mills 2)Dog-Fighting and then I beleive that BSL will automatically fall out of Bed.

  3. Plough man

    With this new legislation RSPCA will have many more “criminals” to prosecute. Everyone who has a bitch with pups will have to pay hefty licence fees or face hefty fines with a criminal conviction. RSPCA will have to come and inspect your home, charging inspection fees, and your facilities may be approved or you will be charged with massive legal fees that could force you to sell your home.

    Think before supporting this RSPCA “cleansing”

    • selwyn marock

      I am 100% behind the RSPCA’s cleansing policy.Anyone that does not wish to sell their home to pay fines must stop ABUSING ANIMALS.

    • companionanimalnews

      “Breeders” of all pursuasions – ethical, unethical, good and bad, professional or hobby, animal lovers or profit motivated are ALL responsible, whether they like it or not, for pumping a massive amount of animals into a supply chain that results in over 250,000 healthy cats and dogs killed each year.

      They all seek to put the blame and pass the buck onto another group. ( although we do recognise the responsible breeders who run very active and well regarded Rescue and Rehoming Groups).

      The ANKC Breeder associations have known about this problem for many years , but have chosen not to do anything about it until now that the pressure is on. Even now, their main interest is “protecting the rights of their members ( …to keep breeding even more animals?).

      The breeding of animals badly needs to be regulated, and numbers significantly reduced. It is a crisis now and getting worse.

      So as far as we are concerned……bring it on.

      And why shouldn’t breeders pay a contribution to the animal welfare regime that needs to be in place to fix up the mess (that they are part of)?

      Responsible, ethical breeders won’t mind a bit.

      Registered breeders often complain that the problem is with the BackYard Breeders; we don’t dispute that BYB’s are a huge source of animals.

      So, do something about it then instead of bleating and moaning that your rights are going to be impacted.

  4. Lisa J Ryan

    As a registered breeder (Dogs Victoria)who breeds for improvement (only when I must) and not for the ‘market’, as a pet owner, pet lover and rescue person, I also say “bring it on”. The way in which our pets are bred and viewed as property and as a money making venture is a disgrace. In addition the way in which our pets are sold is an equal disgrace and this includes pets sold from council pounds where no mandatory desexing policy is in place. This must also be changed immediately. My dogs – show dogs and pets also have rights and I will fight for their rights and every other companion animal as well !

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